Jessica Rae Sacco Murder

On March 30th body parts were found near Covington, Kentucky in a creek bed and were later identified as the remains of Jessica Rae Sacco of Urbana, Ohio.   Her boyfriend, Matthew Puccio, and four friends were arrested and charged with her murder.  Puccio claims to be a “Juggalo”.  For those who are not familiar with this term,   “Juggalos” are fans of the rap group Insane Clown Posse or ICP.  The band is the self-proclaimed “most hated band”  and their fans are maniacal in their support of the band. The FBI has recently classified Juggalos  in their 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment as a “fast-growing, violent gang.”

Prior to Jessica’s murder, Matthew Puccio, had threatened a group on Facebook because of their ill feelings towards Juggalos.  Jessica had also posted on her wall about a “hit” against her by Puccio’s ex-girlfriend, as well as a “hit” against other Juggalo members.  Matthew Puccio has a violent history and his Facebook postings prove as much.

Matthew Puccio and friends were at the home of his on again/off again girlfriend Jessica Rae Sacco on March 22nd.  Puccio now claims that Jessica had put a hit out on him and he was acting in self defense.  However, his story keeps changing and he interviewed with an Ohio media outlet and stated that Jessica asked him to stab her.  

Police say Matthew Puccio stabbed and suffocated the 21-year-old last Thursday inside of her apartment in Urbana, Ohio, which is 17 miles north of Springfield.

Police say Puccio and Andrew Forney then dismembered her body inside of a bathtub.

Police say three other people were inside of the apartment during the murder, but they did nothing to stop it. Instead, investigators say Kandis Forney, Christopher Wright and Sharon Cook helped to cover up the crime.

The group later drove to Hamilton and then Covington, disposing of Sacco’s remains, according to police.

Police arrested Puccio, Andrew Forney and Kandis Forney on Saturday in Hamilton. They were booked into the Butler County Jail.


Two friends of Puccio’s accompanied him to Covington to discard of Jessica’s remains.  Linda and Suzette told media that  Puccio showed them the bag that the body parts were in, but thought he was just pulling their leg.

“He opened up the side door and he just threw it up into the air, and like I said, it went down slow so I didn’t expect it to be a human body,” Suzette said.

Later Puccio admitted to them what was in the bag.

“Two legs, an arm and fingertips,” S said.

“There was nine fingertips, the right arm and both of her legs from the knee down,” L said.

Puccio has plead not guilty and told a judge that he is “clinically insane” and is receiving disability payments for his alleged mental illness.  He has given interviews with local media and has openly discussed the events of that night.  At one point in his interview, he is almost glowing as he recounts what took place.  It has also been learned from an anonymous source that this is not the first time that Matthew Puccio has dismembered.  It has been learned that after a family dog took a baby’s pacifier, Puccio believed that the dog may have tried to hurt the baby next, and he dismembered the dog in the bathtub and hid him in the yard.


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8 Responses to Jessica Rae Sacco Murder

  1. Wasn’t there some mention of Juggalos in The Lisa Irwin Case? Whoever they are they seemed a bit too close for comfort to me.

  2. Weren’t there Juggalos involved in The Lisa Irwin Case? They had me worried, I do know.

  3. Sara H. says:

    It’s sick. I was friends with Christopher Wright’s niece. I slept in the same house as him before. What a mess.

    • Angella Wright says:

      Sarah H you can’t be telling the trugh, I am Chris’s biological sister and the only nieces he has he hasn’t ever seen.

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  5. Crazy Lady says:

    I know this was posted a while ago, I got here from a recent post on the case. I’ve been searching for info on the Juggalo’s because I have a dear friend she’s dating a Juggalo. I’m starting to worry about her. Is there something I can look for or say to her?

    He lived rent free, he didn’t have a job. All of their expenses were paid by her. The broke up for a long time because he hit her. She went back with him after about a year. Everything is exactly as it was before. He’s not working. How long before he hits her again?

    I don’t know if it has anything to do with being a Juggelo. Maybe I’m just over reacting. As I said before, I’m worried. Does anyone have any serious suggestions? Or should I let it go?

    • Anonymous says:

      You should be very concerned. Juggalos are all dead beats and dangerous gang members. They’re music is all about murder and rape! Very dangerous people.

  6. Juggalette says:

    These dumbasses r giving all juggalos & juggalettes. A bad name… not all of us r bad like this…

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