Four Bullies Will Not Face Criminal Charges

Riding the school bus is a privilege.  When I was young, we rode the bus to and from school every morning and every afternoon.  Our bus driver had driven my father to school, and he didn’t put up with a lot of shenanigans on his bus.  He wasn’t afraid to stop the bus and not move until everyone had settled down. However, we weren’t so bad as to have this happen often, and for the most part everyone on the bus respected Mr. Royster.  We were taught to respect our elders.  Disrespecting teachers, aunts, uncles or our elders was simply NOT tolerated in our home nor by society. You only backtalked one time before you were taught a lesson.  I’m not sure what has happened as a society that parents are not teaching their children basic manners and RESPECT.  They are not parenting their children and in turn, their children are exhibiting socially inappropriate behaviors such as bullying.  This thought by parents that you need to be your child’s best friend is simply not successful.  Being your child’s best friend does not teach them respect for you or others.  These children just don’t care – and they have complete and total disregard for the feelings of others; children and adult alike.

What these four kids did to this woman was rotten, mean, and vicious.  For almost 10 minutes this group of middle school boys taunted, threatened, and humiliated their school bus monitor until she cried.  Sexual threats were made to her, as well as threats of physical violence.  They told her how fat and disgusting she was, how they wanted to stab her, and how her entire family probably killed themselves because they hated being related to her.  This was especially hurtful as Mrs. Klein’s son had committed suicide 10 years ago.  What kind of a child does this to an adult?   Teens can be jerks, but there’s a line between crude teen behavior and cruelty. These kids were CRUEL and malicious.  

WARNING: These videos contain highly vulgar language and ideas that some may find disturbing.  Please watch at your own risk.

Law enforcement in Greece, NY has opted NOT to file criminal charges against the boys.  This REALLY saddens me.   WHY are they not being charged?  This was obviously not their first rodeo with bullying and the bus monitor says that they have harassed her before.  She referred to two of them as bad apples.  Others from the school have accused the boys of being bullies.  When is the proper time to say enough is enough and show these children that this behavior will not be tolerated?  Should the system wait until they have left a wake of emotionally abused peers and elderly behind them?  Or should they wait until one of their bullied victims commits suicide because of their abuse?  Is being passive really the right thing to do in this situation?

One of the fathers spoke to local media and apologized for his son’s behavior.  But, where are the rest of the parents?  Why aren’t they speaking out about their children and where are their apologies?  Father of one of the boys, Robert Helm, reached out to Karen yesterday evening and apologized for his son’s behavior:

“I’m sorry. This is not the way I raised my kids. I never would have in my wildest dreams think that they were capable of anything like this,” Helm said.

“It’s not going to stop with, ‘You’re grounded; you’re not going to get TV.’ This is much bigger than that. This is something for a professional to interview Wesley and to find out what the underlying problem is.”

Robert Helm may have apologized for his son, but it was lacking something…HIS SON DOING THE APOLOGIZING to his victim!  When the youth of society see nothing wrong with being disrespectful to the elderly, this is indicative of society as a whole not moving forward in a positive direction.  Parents need to get it together and start parenting again.  You are NOT your child’s best pal! Kids do not raise themselves.  They learn from example and need structure and discipline.

These boys were VICIOUS!  Two others have apologized to police – more likely not out of remorse, but because they got caught.  The refusal of local law enforcement to seek criminal charges is disheartening.  Sure, just let the school give them a slap on the wrist and make them pick up trash for a few weeks or volunteer somewhere.  I’m not sure that is the way to get the message across to them that bullying is NOT ACCEPTABLE.

The apologies issued thus far:

Josh: “I am so sorry for the way I treated you. When I saw the video I was disgusted and could not believe I did that. I am sorry for being so mean and I will never treat anyone this way again.”

Wesley: “I feel really bad about what I did. I wish I had never done those things. If that had happened to someone in my family, like my mother or grandmother, I would be really mad at the people who did that to them.”

Wesley’s mom: “I can not even tell you how badly I feel. I am deeply sorry for what my son did. I wish there was some way to make it up to you. I would like it if he could do some work for you or help you in some way. I’m sure that you don’t want him anywhere near you or your property and I don’t blame. I am embarrassed , angry and sad about the awful way he treated you. I am truly sorry.”

Luis’ father: “We apologize, from the bottom of our hearts on what happened. We wish this will never happen again, to nobody and from nobody. Like Luis said, if your friend says to bully somebody, please don’t do it….A couple of people have already died because of this.

We apologize to Ms. Klein. We’re deeply sorry.” has raised more than $500,000 to send Karen Klein on a vacation.  Click the link above if you want to donate.  Maybe she can use the money to retire so she never has to deal with this kind of abuse again!

Julia Van Orman, President of the Greece Board of Education says that this should be a “teachable” incident.  Really?  Everyone should let Julia Van Orman know that NO, these kids need to be punished for their behavior.  You can reach her by email:

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2 Responses to Four Bullies Will Not Face Criminal Charges

  1. PeggySue says:

    I understand that bullying this poor woman on the bus was a terrible tragedy and the children should be punished, but I DO NOT understand why the public felt they owed this woman any money. Compassion for her plight – yes. Financial restitution – NO! The American public has it’s priorities so screwed up. The poor young girl who lost both hands and one leg from a flesh eating bacteria only got around $16,000 for her terrible tragedy. Now she is the one who should have raised the sympathy of the American people and received $700,000; not some overweight senior citizen who just got her feelings hurt.

  2. Peggy, though I would certainly agree that this young girl’s plight is indeed more severe, it is a bit of a cheap shot to go after the public or the woman discussed here. Make no mistake, the viduperations you are launching at the public AND this woman (ie, “an overweight…”) is indeed a cheap shot. It is not as if these stories were presented to the public side by side and then they were told to make a choice over who was more deserving of what, whether it be compassion, money, etc. Yet that is the only circumstance that would merit the disdain of the publics response you are launching at them. Also it is not as if this woman in any way solicited any monetary token of compassion, so the disdain for her plight you are directing towards her is also unmerited.

    So again, I agree with your comparison of the two and your belief that if there was an either/or proposition here than it would make sense to see this little girl get the financial support. I would just encourage you to look at everything in its correct context before deciding where to invest your emotions too. For wasted emotion especially anger can be just as costly to yourself or others as money…perhaps even more so my friend .

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