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Do you stop a Madman by attacking the Sane?!!

Like everyone else I’m shocked, saddened and outraged by the recent massacre in Aurora, Colorado. I continue to wonder what makes some people choose such heinous and senseless acts. Yet, also I’m left to wonder what new senseless reactions will … Continue reading

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Update: Juggalo Murder

I had previously written about the death of Jessica Rae Sacco of Urbana, Ohio when she was brutally murdered by her ex-boyfriend, Matthew Puccio, and dismembered by he and his friends to be discarded throughout the southern Ohio area. Last … Continue reading

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7/13 Nadia Fezzani discusses research on superheroes vs vigilante

Author and journalist Nadia Fezzani discusses her career, her groundbreaking book on serial killers and how her journey led her to her current research into the new phenomena of those who chose to cast off their day identity and become … Continue reading

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6/29 Rachael Bell of Crimescape

Rachael Bell is a licensed mental-health therapist with masters degrees in both clinical forensic and health psychology and worked for Time Warner’s Crime Library for more than a decade┬áresearching, reporting and writing more than 70 in-depth feature stories on major … Continue reading

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