8/10 Interview with Rachael Bell and Kay Parker

Kay Parker is a New Age author and former adult film actress who has been in over 60 productions and best known for her depictions of incest scenes in the “Taboo” series. Parker quickly became a sensation in the adult film industry. She became one of the most popular stars at that time, and one of the most requested to work with by the male actors of the day. Kay Parker now works as a New Age metaphysical counselor and lecturer. In 2001, she wrote a book titled: “Taboo: Sacred, Don’t Touch“, in which she wrote about her early childhood, her career in the adult industry, and her experiences with the metaphysical.

Rachael Bell, paraphilia expert and author is a BTYT regular. Her latest book, “Sexual Obsessions Gone Wrong” can be found on http://www.crimescape.com.

  • Welcome Rachael Bell back! (2:55)
  • Meet Kay Parker! (7:50)
  • The lumberjack song (9:30)
  • Kay Parker takes us through her life journey along with the events that led up to her career in the adult film industry. (11:15)
  • Kay explains her spiritual being and “love, love, love, love, love”. (19:30)
  • Parker tells us why she left the industry in 1985. (21:45)
  • Legal standards and moral standards along with the psychology community in relation to adult films are discussed. (27:00)
  • The dynamics of shame are defined by Parker and she shares a story with us. (29:00)
  • The controversy surrounding the adult film industry is discussed and Rachael Bell gives us her take. (35:45)
  • Sexuality, taboo and boundaries within a society, are discussed. (38:48)
  • The influence adult films may have on young individuals are addressed. (45:50)
  • Porn as a symptom of a bigger issue, but not the causation of a problem is debated. (48:00)
  • Jenna Jameson‘s claim is discussed, then debated. (61:00)
  • Next weeks guest is announced! (65:00)

Listen to the show by clicking here.

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One Response to 8/10 Interview with Rachael Bell and Kay Parker

  1. Carlos says:

    There is this interview turned into text?.. Thanks!

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