Steubenville High School Rape Case

I thought that I would provide some background for the readers here at BTYT about the alleged gang rape case being reported out of Steubenville, Ohio.  I have written about Steubenville a few times on my personal blog.  At one time I lived in the area.  When I read the news about two players accused of rape, I started doing some research online through social media because I figured kids talk.  Boy, did they ever talk about this.  I was literally dumbfounded at the information that I found and then I became angry because they were tweeting play by plays of the rape, and had posted videos and photos online documenting their depravity.  The videos had been pulled, but the tweets were still online and I was absolutely sickened at the behavior of these kids.  I couldn’t believe that only TWO were being investigated when there were so many others involved and believed right away that the others involved could possibly walk away from this without consequence.  Local media was providing minimal coverage on this and people are understandably very upset about it.  Bloomdaddy was the first to break the story locally.

High school football is a very important part of the culture of that area.  It is hard to describe to someone who has never lived or spent any time in the Ohio Valley  just how prevalent high school sports are. To an outsider, it seems a bit bizarre.  Little boys want to grow up and play football for Big Red.  Being an athlete of this school brings with it a status symbol.  The school has a wonderful record in athletics and many students have gone onto play for Ohio State and other esteemed universities, as well as on to the NFL.  I commend anyone that can do better for themselves and move onto a productive life.  There is not much in Steubenville in the way of jobs since the steel mills have closed.  Good paying jobs are in Pittsburgh and that is an hour or more commute.  I suppose for a young man in this position, an athletic scholarship is a dream come true.

Locals have been commenting heavily on my blog about their belief that Steubenville athletes are given a free pass if they get in trouble.  Having lived in the area, depending on who you know — that’s not out of the realm of possibilities.  Again, Steubenville is a place that you have to experience to truly understand the culture.  One Google search can fill in the blanks is all I will say on that matter.

The victim’s parents filed a police report on August 14th that their daughter had been sexually assaulted.  It has been reported to me that she was comatose during the attack.  She was unable to consent, and the boys were referring to her as “the dead girl”.  They carried her by her arms and legs to transport her to various locations during that night.  This was all documented through photographs posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  A video was uploaded entitled Nodi Wlyin About a Dead Girl.  Nodi is the nickname for Michael Nodianos aka Nodidamus on Twitter.  I won’t write what else they did to her, but Michael’s tweets tell the story for me.

On August 21st, the two boys, Trent Mays and Ma’lik Richmond, were arrested.  Prosecuting Attorney Jane Hanlin announced on August 22 that she would step down as prosecuting attorney on the case and request that the Ohio Attorney General’s office appoint special prosecutors since she “personally knows juveniles and adults involved in the investigation.”

Even though the other boys involved were present when they drove this girl to other locations, openly discussed the rape of this young girl, actively stood by and did nothing as their teammates brutally raped her, as of today August 31 – there have been no other arrests.  I, like many others, want to know why no one else has been charged with at least accessory to the crime.  WHY?

This is what we will be discussing on the show with Bloomdaddy tomorrow night, and you can go to my blog to see the outrage of the residents of the Ohio Valley who have watched this play out and are asking the same questions as we are.  Will the other individuals involved in being party to a brutal rape ever be charged for their crime? – Steubenville High School articles

Official police report regarding the alleged rape

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46 Responses to Steubenville High School Rape Case

  1. angelinfl says:

    Excellent job. I’m proud of you and your ability to understand, capture and get to the bottom of a story exposing the truth. I’m sure your information will be useful because of media attention to this… it’s not going to go under the rug and there will be prosecution in this case. You really have a talent with social media skills and discovery on the internet. I expect great things from you and you always deliver!

  2. carolann says:

    Thank God someone is getting more details of this atrocity out there. The media as expected is covering up for select offspring of prominent locals and of course the almighty big red and other local sports athletes/perps. Are you parents of these “outstandinding” punks proud now? You’ve raised a generation of sociopaths. May God have mercy on your souls, the rest of us who DO NOT worship at the feet of the footballgods are not happy. We want justice for this girl and want our kids and grandkids safe. Parents WAKE UP. There are dangerous criminals kids in all these schools, lots come from so-called “good families.” The parents are complicit as far as we’re concerned and believe me half the cnty know who you are. How long do you think you can hide from this nightmare. The truth is already out there. You’re kids are damageged goods and your prestige will soon be gone. You are now know as the parents of the gang rapists. The voyeurs who watched and laughed are just as guilty. SICK SICK SICK. YOU ARE PUKE CITY

  3. nottrashfrombigred! says:

    the boys, ALL of them, and their parents and families and friends should be ashamed and mortified for standing by a person who could do something so immorally wrong! when did any of this type of shit ever become okay in our world? Every single person who was involved in this disgusting, degrading crime should be degraded in the same demorilizing ways. how would you feel? if it were you? ugh how dare people!

  4. Natasha says:

    Wow, just heard about this case today. This is absolutely terrible. How could these parents support their children and try to get them off for the crimes they committed? These kids should be prosecuted fully. This girl has to live the rest of her life with these scars and everyone wants to brush it off as kids making mistakes? This is unbelievable. If your child was caught stealing, you would take them back to the store or the police, right? If your child is caught participating, recording, or tweeting about repeatedly raping an unconscious girl then it is just kids making a mistake? Disgusting.

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  6. bryteline says:

    Prepare for a load of visitors. Anonymous sourced you in OpRollRedRoll.


  7. Miss Andrist says:

    Good work. Thanks to you and Knightsec, the victim might actually see justice after all.

  8. anon7878 says:

    Says video not available

  9. Also cited you in the pastebin located at

  10. Vigilante justice solves nothing. It makes us no better than these boys who believed their selfish whims and desires far outweighed the law and basic human decency. Besides, quite frankly, that would be letting them off easy. They and those who abused thier power and helped compromise this investigation should feel the full weight of the legal and social ramifications for their actions/inaction.

    • Miss Andrist says:

      She said “deserved,” not “planning on” or “I suggest…” 😉

    • DeadScumInStupidville says:

      Vigilante justice ends the rape problem in Stupidville. These scum, and their trash family members that defend their actions, and who raised these vermin, need to be brought to justice. It’s obvious the corrupt officials in Stupidville are in on this, and are accessories to the rime and its coverup.

      • SoftB says:

        I CANNOT believe this is the first I have heard of this !!! I am so angry….. Thos SMUG – ENTITLED – FIENDISH young people….I have a very cast iron stomach, bu tthis makes me truly sick to my stomach. I hope Jack racher finds these people…

      • Debbie says:

        If these boys think a wang in the butthole is so funny, send them to prison and let them experience the fun for themselves. They are all buttholes. They need to be held accountable for their actions.

      • Mick harris says:

        You nailed it ! Well said

    • 2002for U says:

      WRONG, Vigilante justice removes the problem… (sometimes they get the wrong culprit… but not in this case. ) While at the same time makes an example of what happens to evil doers in their community. Isn’t that fair? Judges do it every day when imposing sentences. They decide to make an example of someone, and give them the max allowable by law. “It makes us no better than these boys who believed their selfish whims and desires far outweighed the law and basic human decency. ” I’ll be judged willingly for taking the law into my own hands, when “the law” and “the justice system” is in the hands of evil doers.

    • you hit the nail on the head with that comment. the big scare is the officials in jefferson county are crooked and are leaders of organized crime, gambling, extortion and drug dealing.did u no sheriff abdella also forces inmates in his jail buy food from his commisary because he systamaticaly starves them with illegally small portions of food at mealtimes and guards do nothing to prevent gangs from stealing food and beating weaker inmates daily. he also makes anyone in jail buy underwear, t-shirts, socks, shampoo, and deoderant for these items are not provided by the jail and are forebidden to be brought to jail by relatives or friends. the heat is turned down so inmates have to buy thermal shirts and pantsat $4.50 apiece. inmates must wash ther own undergarments in the toilets because water in their cells are limited to 5 3 second burst in the sinks inmates even have to buy thier own drinking cups and bowls. no drinks are provided at meals so if they hav no commisary money water is the only liquid they get. medical attention is not given easily and infections run rampent. long term inmates beg to be sent to prison where conditions are much better

      • Clarissa Stanley says:

        It is frightening to think that these types of behaviors can happen in America in 2012. From the horrific crimes committed on this poor girl all the way down to the corruption in the legal system. This same problem is happening in IDAHO SPRINGS, CO. The local government is more corrupt than you could ever imagine. Some people get away with all sorts of crimes while other innocent people are charged with trumped up nonsense just because they may be in the way of what the local police or city government is trying to get away with. Beware of crooked government, it really does exist. I always assumed that people who were anti-government were a bit loopy but I have learned differently. Whether it is IDAHO SPRINGS, CO or Steubinville, OH, corruption is happening and it is scary indeed.

        • Kerry J says:

          Well, it might not be right morally, but it is jail. It is not suppose to be a luxury resort. Only thing is, those individuals who have done this ought to be in there experiencing the punishment for rape, sodomy, illegal gambling, etc.

    • not_a_hpa says:

      By putting their names on this list and attaching it to the crimes they have committed any future search for career, relationship and all other inquiries will show the kind of person they are. If there is no other justice for this girl at least she will have this.

    • Kiki says:

      Bullshit if they are not punished by the law then they, along w those that hid their sins should be prepared for the punishment of the public! None if them deserve to walk away from this.

  11. Bk says:

    Reminds of the 1988 movie with Jodie Foster, the Accused. Movie was based on a true story. Ultimately justice was served. Think it’s time to clean house down there.

  12. MissAliss says:

    As a person from the mental health community, if these young men get away with this crime, you just wait and see what they do in “packs” such as fraternities or future teams, as sociopaths and psychopaths. Their behaviors go further and further the more they get away with. Just an opinion, but I’ve seen it. This is not a “boys will be boys” type of situation, and if it is treated as such, please get ready for the violence and future pain of communities as they age.

  13. Irish says:

    Reno needs to go.
    Accountability must be enforced.
    So many problems in this small town…. From the Big Red cover ups (HUNDREDS) to the city government that is sheer corruption. Please investigate the entire town! The police dept is trying…. But they are powerless against the evil corrupt wealthy families that permit their children’s actions…..
    National media attention is needed.
    Reno feels he is untouchable….(refer to his comments to the New York Times reporter….)
    PLEASE…. show his uneducated, conceited, self important, corrupt, evil being that justice will prevail.

  14. Irish says:

    It could be a great little college town. It was once a steel mill town, filled with hard working families with a great work ethic and it was a great place to raise a family.
    City government is purely corrupt. No growth unless they get money. No improvements unless they see cash. It’s blatant and its constant.
    Wealthy families with children that “misbehave” simply use their “weight” to cover everything.
    The entire town needs to be investigated. Big Red is just the filthy scum covered lid of the whole toilet.

    • carolann says:

      Thanks for noting that, we have a great Catholic University in this town (Franciscan Univ.) that we hope will not be damaged by the bad press coverage because of this crime, crazed hs football culture and questionable local officials.

      • Ocenbrz says:

        Should I bother to mention according to Michael Nodianos’ myspace, he is a good Catholic boy gone bad. What are you teaching those boys over there, please? We had the same type of scandal in our town a few years back. Catholic boys too. Raping freshmen girls from the other school. Something needs to change in how you present your religion. A lot of it has to do with blaming the girls and excusing the boys.

        Not educating the girls about sex and then allowing them to fall victim because of their ignorance. I did read this was a good girl from a religious school. Same story, different place. Will you please stop setting these kids up for the fall.

  15. snapjudy says:

    The lengthy New York Times story last week provides chilling details about the rape of a girl and the inadequate response to that crime by Steubenville school officials.
    After reading about this case, we cannot help but see some parallels between this situation and that which occurred at Penn State. Although the crimes are different, it is a fact of both cases that in each there is a definite mystique around the football program and a cult of personality surrounding the coach (Paterno at PSU, and Reno Saccoccia in Steubenville). In both cases, the love of football has prevented the proper investigation into the alleged rape and the punishment of those involved.
    We call on the school board to suspend Coach Saccoccia for his behavior. The fact that he has refused to take any real disciplinary steps towards the football players that either witnessed or in some way abetted the alleged rape is disturbing, and his treatment of the New York Times journalist who spoke to him about the case is frightening. His actions are indicative of someone who cares more about their win-loss record than about the young people they are supposed to be improving.
    We also urge the school board to examine the actions of Superintendent Michael McVey and Principal Shawn Crosier. We are disappointed that they left all disciplinary decisions up to Coach Saccoccia, and the fact that they failed to follow up with any of the students in attendance at the party where the alleged rape occurred is distressing. This sad case has all the tell tale signs of an attempted cover-up, and our hearts ache for the victim in this case who has been subjected to undue scrutiny and blame. We hope that the added attention on Steubenville High School will result in justice for the victim, repercussions for the alleged rapists, and accountability for Steubenville officials.
    Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Associate Director, USA, 636-433-2511.,
    “SNAP (The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) is the world’s oldest and largest support group for clergy abuse victims. SNAP was founded in 1988 and has more than 12,000 members. Despite the word priest in our title, we have members who were molested by religious figures of all denominations, including nuns, rabbis, bishops, teachers, Protestant ministers and increasingly, victims who were assaulted in a wide range of institutional settings like orphanages, summer camps, athletic programs, Boy Scouts, etc.”

    • Ocenbrz says:

      Right on the money snapjudy it hurts! What we have here is a society that is changing. Had we had “anonymous” years ago maybe, just maybe, a few boys/men would be sleeping without the nightmares of their youth in Penn State.

      Sadly this coach is well… not very bright. Should have read the newspapers? Learned something from that case. Most of all? He should have learned that no one really has your back when you go down for this kind of crime. This can be said of the whole HS though if you read how the Principal and VP handled their part of the scandal as well. Playing, “pass the buck Joe!” I mean pass the blame that is.”.

      I am royally, (okay not happy, other words really in my thoughts right now), that the coaches computer wasn’t snatched up right when the case blew open. They thought prosecuting this case was expensive then? Now, we are going to want a computer expert to find all of the data that HS tried to erase from it. As well as the boys. You are in the big time now. Right it all started at the Asst. Coaches party. Don’t let that sly fox get away for serving alcohol to minors. Please let the victims sue them both into bankruptcy. Not before the victims get paid though for medical and legal fees.

      I’m sending some of this to the President. Emailed me every day for money. He has two daughters. Please tell me he is going to send out his best FBI/Homeland Security Experts to get down to the truth and do something about these little criminals before we have to read about them committing more crimes. Just the fact that they are hiding evidence. Covering for rapist. Rapists mind you. This is not shoplifting people. This is a crime that can put you in jail for life or most of it, if you perpetrate it on someone else.

      Why am I just imaging all of those involved in the cover-up/crime just yelling and screaming at each other. Not because terrible crimes, (multiple. we know that Mays and Richmond raped that girl several times. as well as took her to places for others to do so from video) has been committed, probably more then once. but because these kids were so bright, they recorded it all on the www!

      I read on that May’s father actually lost his job in the past for being alone with girls in the locker room. No explanation on what he did with them but it was bad enough to get him fired. And you folks let your boys hang out with his kids? “Isn’t that special?” I’m seeing Jamie Foxx’s Living Color character say that right now. Couldn’t be more of a fool if you tried.

      And poor Ma’lik’s father. Dad, you screwed up. Probably thought he was putting his boy into a good school. Should have kept a better eye on him. There is no way he is not going down because of white boys too.

      What is up with this Jim Parks guy? He is obviously lying, saying he knew none of the players but he ran a website that focused on these boys. I haven’t read it yet but annoymous downloaded Parks emails for the rest of us to read to prove Parks is lying. Very pornographic so I’ll be skipping over the pictures. Not interested. Only that he was very interested in the other HS gang rape case I read about at yet another HS gathering which may have inspired this case.

  16. d says:

    This is not the first time a case like this was presented to the prosecutors office. Another victim was raped by the football players of big red when she filed charges the prosecutor would not charge them because she is related or friends with the boy involved the proc. actually told her they would make her look like a slut. So you have to ask how many times has this happened and the corrupt Steubenville law division refuses to do anything to the law breakers. This has been going on for years and it is time that all are prosecuted down to the judge.

  17. Kyndle Meyer says:

    When and where was it ok to violate another human being? This is soooo disgusting. I am appalled. Who are these doushbags parents? Great parenting. Let me in on a secret society call ed parenthood. You get no awards. I could give a shit what anybody says but Mama should have raised her son and apparently Dad had no respect for woman or else NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED. Fucking own up to your failure as a parent. Yes YOU FAILED PARENT.The only person that you have to answer to is your self absorbing self. I hope your laughing self absorbed kid likes getting butt fucked in jail. “As He Sleeps”.Karma is a bitch.Laugh now and post it. Not so funny now huh? Have you stopped long enough to think about the “sleeping victim” not only have you impacted this poor girls life but you have totally fucked yourself.Hey why don’t you make a video about your tired ass getting ass fucked in prison. OH not so funny now huh?

  18. DebraRN says:

    I wanna hear em giggle when their cellmate Bubba shows them what rape is all about. I pity their parents, especially the moms. How tragic to raise a young boy who becomes a monster! May the young girl heal and forget this monstrous act..and please, justice must be done.Prosecute, prosecute, prosecute!

    • With each irresponsible release of info and potential evidence Anonymous endangers that possibility. With every name and contact info irresponsible given Anonymous endanger lives. Many who have nothing to do with the case.

  19. Ocenbrz says:

    I understand your concern with this btyt but if it wasn’t for annoymous even releasing this information there would be NO CASE. I am concerned and yes, since the video by Nodianos was published on a social network can they really use that excuse to not use it as evidence?

    We have to be able to use evidence that is given up to us. All of this evidence has already been made public. And I at least know that list of boys at the party includes a few, very few, who did not participate and may not have even been around during the rapes. But, how am I suppose to give them a handshake when they didn’t call the cops when they discover the truth? Maybe someone did? If so, then yes, we have a much bigger case of corruption and what we need is the FBI and Homeland Security. This case has already surpassed little hometown investigation level on a pretty grand scale.

  20. kay anon says:

    BTYT: As the saying goes “Oh F*ck, the Internet is here”.

  21. John says:

    What Anonymous does with the stuff shouldn’t pose an issue, so long as they aren’t getting it from the police.

  22. BB Adams says:

    where is a nice long thick broomhandle when U need it?
    these guys mamas must be whores 2 have brought them up like this!
    and their fathers??? pigs is about the nicest thang I can say….

  23. Dennis Hoover says:

    The Local School Board should be forced by a public outcry or the the State Education/Athletic Dept. to shut down the Atheletic team/sport who’s players were involved. Then a dragnet should be cast wide to take in every person at those party’s who didn’t at least report this to some authority. even those who video’d this or took pics should have at the very least a punishment of Civil Service work. THIS IS SICKENING AND IF NOTHING IS DONE THESE KIDS WILL GO ON TO DO THE SAME OR POSSIBLY WORSE IN THE FUTURE, THEY NEED TO KNOW THAT THERE ARE VERY NEGATIVE RESULTS FOR SUCH DEPRAVED ACTIONS.

  24. Your new Cell Mate says:

    To all the boys on the list. Figure out something to do to make your family proud of you. Tell your mom your sorry, I wont ever do that again. ( That is stand by kidnapping and rape). Throw each other under the bus in court if necessary. Tell on each other and let the court sort it out. Do not be scared little babies in court. You can laugh about it at your sentencing hearings with Nodi.

  25. Alastar says:

    I could not watch the complete video, it was too disgusting. One specific thing has me very confused, sources I’ve read state these parties began at an assistant coach’s home and at one point these partiers were sent away from another assistant coach’s home. Who are the adults that were involved in these parties? Did the adults supply the alcohol, or look the other way? Have the adults been charged in relationship to these parties, obviously the parties were out of control. Another frightening aspect of the video of drunken Nodianos is what looks like a rifle on the floor beside his chair, have the homeowners explained this?

  26. Jacklynn says:

    Sick and we need to All Stand Up
    Again this
    Rape is Rape ..

  27. Katie says:

    Tweets or videos available???

  28. Katie says:

    Hope there are tweets or videos to prosecute these bottom feeders.

  29. Katie says:

    Does anyone have “ANY”, information or proof that the people on this list,were involved?

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