9/7 Kim Picazio Discusses Steubenville High School Rape Case

Kim Picazio was named a 2012 “Top Lawyer” in the field of family law by the South Florida
Legal Guide, and learned to litigate from people she considers some of the best legal minds in the state. Before opening Kim L. Picazio, P.A. in 2002, she was an associate at Heinrich Gordon Hargrove Weihe & James, P.A. for a year and then spent 6 years at the Law Office of Robert D. Hertzberg fine-tuning her robust in-court litigation skills.

Kim continues to be asked back to commentate for CNN Headline News and other media networks regularly. She most recently commentated on the Casey Anthony trial , as
well as an appearance on the Dr. Drew Show to discuss the investigation of missing infant, Lisa Irwin.

Kim will be discussing many legal aspects of the Steubenville High School rape case and we are looking forward to yet another very interesting show!!Meet Kim Picazio! (3:00)

  • Kim gives us her insight on dealing with juveniles in this type of case. (5:00)
  • Accountability is discussed along with the athletes and the community. (16:50)
  • A listener calls in to give us her opinion! (32:35)
  • Videos and images of the crime are discussed. (37:21)
  • Another caller discusses their opinion and the “code of silence” . (45:00)
  • A damning photo of the victim advertised by one of the accused is discussed. (47:00)
  • Psychopaths and serial offenders are discussed by Eric and Kim. (71:45)

Click here to listen to the show.

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