A Not So Anonymous Letter

imageI thought a wise and necessary first post of the year would be one that addresses and some of the recent toxic and distracting drama that has surfaced last year. Lay bare my honest and direct thoughts and answer some to the pervading questions submitted to me about and then lay the matter down once and for all and move forward, doing my part to continue to strive and labor to bring to light a little more justice and truth to this new year though BTYT and my life outside it.

Many have written me asking about the sudden involvement of Anonymous in the Stebenville gang rapes and possible corruption in that community, my views about whether I feel their involvement will help or hurt. Others have written asking me about a sudden flurry of tweets and hate blogs looking to undermine my contribution to this case and the many facts we have uncoverd and the increased critical thinking questions we have raised and cause many to consider. They also sought to undermine my background, experience, and abilities as an investigator.

To these things Ill simply say, consider the source. A simple google search or LinkedIn review will more than start you on a journey that will show years of verifiable background, training and experience. Endorsements and support from real industry professionals and not only media personalities. They will see a history of going to great lengths to help others in their pursuits of justice and answers to tragedies and loss. Compare that to those with a history of hate blog writing, bitter rumor mongering, and petty blog dramas reminiscent of the high school “he said, she said”, and make your own judgements.

Ill let you review my blogs, radio broadcasts, FB Posts, Tweets on this case that more than predate the sudden appeareance of Anonoymous and hate bloggers and decide for yourself who is standing on whose labors and looking to claim undeserved credit and exploit a case for the sake of fame and attention.

As for Anonymous or the ones who have inserted themselves into this case claiming to be part of this movement, ill simply offer the below leave it at that.

These guys are proof why even cyber vigilantism is a dangerous endeavor and often leads to more suffering than it claims to end.

They took and cited the work my show and blog has done for months investigating and exposing not only the rapes but also the potentially corrupt network and names of those who may have helped try to cover up the crimes and protect other suspects. All done through tireless research, phone calls, contact development, community trust building and not at the further expense and disregard for the rule of law that these people are claiming outrage is not being honored by their opponents.

They then start outing people we exposed long ago as if they are the first ones as a result of their investigative prowess, they are focusing on the wrong police agency, threw out names of people not actually involved or never confirmed or any remote evidence to back such claims, and bragged about hacking an email and possibly showing proof of another crime. Failing to recognize that by gaining evidence through such means and then brag about it, they may have tainted the usefulness of that evidence and possibly further victimizing someone by further minimizing any hope for justice in a court of law.

They are taking bits of my work, bits of that of a colleague, breaking the law to get more data and still coming to the wrong conclusions and focusing on the wrong people.

Awesome, lets top it off by telling a town to come to a disorganized protest in front of a government building, on a Saturday, when it’s closed, in the snow where people are less likely to be out and see, and think a few hundred people (many out of towners) yelling and hooting insults, false accusations and uninformed questions at cops is called making a difference.

Brilliant. Do me a favor, by the time you’re done playing impulsive games in a real community and with the lives of real people who are enduring real suffering, try not to get anyone hurt or yourself for that matter and further shake the hopes of an already disappointed community.

If you’re gonna play Messiah, you better be prepared with the miracles.

Please hurry up and be done mucking up this case more than it has been and let the grown ups who have been working day and night on this get back to the real work of going after the truth of these rapes and the corruption that has pervaded this community and hopefully get real long lasting results that involve accountbility in a cout of law (not just an empty public apology), something that Steubenville and their violated daughters demand and has a right to, that loud public tantrums, cyber terrorism, and flashy but vapid public stunts can never bring.

I am not hiding behind a mask and asking a wounded community to stand up and show a courage that I myself and not willing to show. Steubenville needs to be empowered to stand up and at last declare THEY are NOT ANONYMOUS ANYMORE to these people, they are no longer faceless victims. Steubenville needs to be encouraged to take hold of the strength already within them to resolcve and declare that they will not hide from the corrupt, nor bow to whims of the selfish and corrupt anymore. They need to be in the light in order to bring others to it and expose them.

Steubenville needs to be emboldened to show THIER OWN faces at last, not hide behind that of a failed British terrorist and would be mass murderer. They need to be built up to at last speak with THERE OWN voice not that of a kid behind a computer miles away who will likely have moved on in a little while to a new case or crisis to toy with and build their own mystique on, instead of building up the people they claim to be serving, satisfying their own passions sometimes at the cost of the needs of the public they claim to champion.

Yeah I know what I’m saying and apparently risking. Go ahead and youtube threaten me, hack me, slander or whatever for speaking my mind here and elsewhere, as you have many others who did no more but dissented and spoken out against your views and methods.

Then people will see that you are no saviors of tyranny or champions of free speech, just vain individuals offering a more “benevolent” tyranny and a speech monitored by YOU instead. They will see though more charming and flashy, all you have to offer is the same fear based rule and false leadership that already plagues this small community.

The justice system is not failing, its the many within it that have forsaken the trust given them. Take hold of and draw from the law to deal with these people and have them removed from power. It may not be easy but it is possible. Learn from Guy Fawkes, Tim McVey, the Unibomber and the many others who failed to understand that you dont repair a broken system by trying to undermine or obliterate it, leaving even less opportunity of justice for the people.

You don’t inspire order by threatening chaos, you don’t uphold the law by breaking it, you don’t inspire freedom and peace by inciting more fear and more anger, and most of all you don’t lead others to the light by hiding in the shadows.

I AM NOT ANONYMOUS. I am one man. You don’t have to forgive me, I know you won’t forget me. Respect me.

I am Joey Ortega


About behindtheyellowtape

Joey Ortega started his investigative career early at the age of 18 working as an apprentice investigator for local detectives. He started out doing insurance fraud investigations and background investigations. Proving adept in the areas surveillance and information gathering, Joey continued to seek further investigative challenges. From there he went on to do internal investigations for a number of companies that include; Sears, Roebuck Co., Saks Fifth Avenue, and K-mart. He was largely responsible for investigating issues of internal theft, embezzlement, workers comp fraud, and crime ring investigations. His success eventually earned him a position as a national investigator for a cellular chain, investigating crime rings on a national level. Trained in the Reid technique (interviewing/interrogation), Joey was able to gain confessions consistently without a single prosecution ever being challenged in court. Throughout his career as an internal investigator Joey continued to work for various private investigative agencies. Moving away from insurance fraud, Joey began developing his skills in the areas of criminal defense investigation, fidelity investigation, missing person’s investigations, and stalker investigations. It was the area of stalker investigations that Joey began to discover his passion for computer crime investigations. Having to learn quickly how to trace harassing and threatening emails, Joey began see that this is where the future of crime and justice was heading and decided to throw himself deeply into the subject. As a result, Joey’s clientele began to include those who were victims of internet fraud and cyber attacks. Joey is also the co-founder of The Ullemeyer Group, Inc. an investigative and training firm based in Santa Barbara, California that specializes in forensic training and consulting.
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27 Responses to A Not So Anonymous Letter

  1. I don’t know which Case you are talking about. But that makes no difference. Every Case is the same these days. Always a bunch of the same perverted morons spewing the same old Bile, for whatever reason that turns them on. They are sick to their very souls. And absolutely no one in authority is doing anything about it.
    America might well have A Constitution, but this garbage isn’t Free Speech, anymore than it is anywhere else in The Real World.
    But in the end only America can actually put a stop to this. It’s your bag, our kid. The World relies on you. And America’s perverse attitude to the rights of these people has to begin with you.
    Bon Chance. You have my unadulterated support. Let me know if I can help.

    • Thank You Elena,

      Your support is always encouraging and appreciated. The post refers to gang rapes in Steubenville, Ohio and the claims of corruption that may have allowed a handful of perpetrators avoid accountability.

  2. Wondering why says:

    You had nothing nice to say in your comments when the Rally was being ustreamed. You now have nothing nice to say after being accused if stealing someone’s work. Why have I never heard of you or your work before all this? Grow up…. Learn that people are trying to make a difference and if you truly wanted to make a difference you’d not write trash like this.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way and are certainly entitled to your view. It is out respect and not vanity that I caution and simply point out that anyone who has done even the mode cursory of research will find an abundance of documentation of our shows coverage and discussion of this case and pointing out that you have seen nothing is speaking to your ignorance and lack of work in getting the info in this and not mine.

      • Wondering Why says:

        I haven’t had to research this with anonymous. They’re making headlines with their work and what they have uncovered. Columbus, Cleveland, Florida, NY, SPAIN???!!!!

        The info came to me, not me going to it. If your saying I’m ignorant for not finding your work, maybe I would have if it made headlines and was worth reading.

    • Que? Do some research. Or is that too difficult?

  3. Cameron says:

    So let me get this straight. You’re sitting here whining and complaining about how anonymous stole your work and took all the glory and fame for their own selfish reasons…how are they the fame-motivated ones here? Based on your own blog I’d say YOU were the fame hungry one. They’re getting national attention that YOU obviously couldn’t get for this, they organized a protest rally and are actually getting support for the victim that you obviously had not done. Everyone knows you’re an attention hog now because despite all the work they’ve done and all the good that has come out of their fight, all you can think about is who gets the credit. As far as your opinion on how to handle the situation goes, I can respect it, but I completely disagree. Going through the legal system and all the “right channels” alone does not work. It’s a nice idea, and I wish that things did work out like that, but they don’t. The reason why there is so much corruption everywhere you look right now is because people have been trying to do it that way for so long. You need people that are willing to push without fear, and a lot of them. You need people that believe in something and are willing to fight for it, like Anonymous. For the record I don’t think Anonymous stole any of your work, unless you were kind enough to donate it to the cause (doubt that). I think they came into the game late, gathered support, information, and attention by their own means faster than you did working by yourself, and simply put outplayed you, and you don’t like it.

    • Take a look at your Constitution. The Founding Fathers never meant this to happen. God help them now. Or you if you are ever in need of Justice.

    • Cameron,
      You are either intentially twisting my words around in an effort to blur the point for readers or you really are simply missing the point. Not wanting to assume the worst, I work under the assumption of the latter.

      As it is reasonable that anyone would be a bit annoyed that one would take credit for the work of another even when they in fact cited my show in their first published documents., that is not the source of my upset with them and the my resentment for them. Its thier tactics and the fact that they clearly did not do a great job researching this case regardless of the abundance of information that I made available to the public long ago.

      A narrative is being use to describe the cover up that is not accurate. The wrong people are being accused despite the names and documentation of others in public office potentially and likely being in a position to influence this case being published and discussed long ago and the wrong police agency being is criticized for not taking action that was outside their legal ability to take, the problems and failures to follow through ultimately fell on the Steubenville Police Department and Che if McCafferty and not Fred Abdalla and the Sheriffs office. Though I feel he does have his own actions or lack thereof to explain in regards to this case. Hooting and hollering at him in the streets and demanding HE do more is ridiculous and pointless and demonstrates a poor understanding of the case and quote frankly the law.

      Such ignorance risks the public being further misinformed and mislead, innocent people potentially be slandered, arrested, or subject to lynch mob type retribution. That is my point. They can build a monument to Anonymous and call them their Robin Hood for all I care . What I do care about is irresponsible research, impulsive actions and a setting back moths of progress for the sake of personal gain. Risking the admissibility of evidence by creating reasonable doubt that the info was either planted or lacks a reasonable and documented chain of custody. If they feel it is their calling to be the face of this fight then fine but doing right and do it for the right reason.

      So far they are just lending credence to the claims by the very people we are trying to hold accuntable that they are merely victims of uninformed bloggers who know nothing.

  4. ZookeeperJones says:

    I am taking a moment to simply say this, I like many many others do not care who broke what or when or where. Who gets credit shouldn’t matter one way or another. We’re talking about a child that was raped here. Not your or anyone else’s ego or career. Please do not even attempt telling me the judicial system works for victims such as this one, I can speak from experience, it does NOT. Those of us that live around here know for a fact corruption goes on and has gone on for years..so again dont preach about knowing facts any more than the next guy. We know what we see happen around us on a daily basis. If nothing else comes of this entire thing, let it be that this one child knows, we did not sit idly by and watch an entire town blame her for what was done to her. While you may not think that is a big deal, let me assure you has a survivor of rape…it does matter, knowing you are not alone can ultimately help her to be a much stronger person and walk away in the end with her chin held high. The point was to support her and bring light to quite a few injustices being done with this case. If you dont see the injustice you, my friend, are opting to be blind to it of your own free will. We are not.

  5. Anonywho? says:

    I find it extremely hypocritical for a masked group to demand justice and accountability by means of intimidation and threats of exposure. They clearly aren’t looking for justice. They are no different from any of the people they are accusing. A few Steubenville locals speak out and it’s a race to shut them down. Sound familiar? Why didn’t any of these media outlets discover this huge child porn/rape ring that Anonymous has not only accused a man of being the ring leader but has also put the alleged child porn on their website for anyone to access. Brilliant. Have these victims consented to be passed around the internet? No? Isn’t that rape?

    I don’t condone what transpired. I don’t condone cover ups. I also don’t condone a mob mentality driven by someone or something that will not be accountable for any damage they do including tampering with evidence/witnesses or simply making things up to forward their own case. Anonymous has not only put a spotlight on Steubenville but also themselves which may be what they are looking for but by watching this group of radicals it is clear they don’t think before they fly off the handle and try to ruin the lifes of people who disagree with whatever it is they are spewing at the moment. At least the Westboro Baptist Church has the guts to say it to your face.

  6. Anonywho? says:

    Do all the media outlets such as Roseanne realize they are directing people to a site that contains what Anonymous considers child porn? They also claim they are logging IPs which I believe requires a disclaimer. By the way, IPs are a great way to find you and hack you. And these guys are just seeking justice right?

  7. Tim Mock says:

    I agree that plagiarism is dispicable, one should use their own works. But at times we need to take what others say and use it for debate. For instance I am an Activist for Bullying. See Joey the Term Anonymous your using isnt a group its an idea. there are hackers, activists, hactivists, journalists, media all over the world that come together under the Aonymous Ideal. An Anonymous can be a Lawyer, DR, firefighter, cop, journalist, contractor, handyman or even work in a factory of fast food.

    I am an Anonymous Joey and in real life I do contracting and Free Lance writing. Am I a Hacker?No and I never claim to be. Am I an activist? Yes I fight against cyber Bullying. How do I do this? I take people like a Guy named Bob recenly who was on facebook spewing hate and threats and lies all over the place while trolling people. I made a video using all the hate posts and lies he used on his sccreen and I made a response in the fomr of a debate. Did I do any thing Illegal? No. Did I Harrass, Bully or intimidate Bob? No. I simply made a response to his calling people out and trolling them. i exposed his lies with all backed up facts and I gave him my opinion! Did I wear a mask? Nop I have nothing to hide. Just because people know what I look like does that make me not Anonymous? No because I still fight against bullying.

    What you did by using the term Anonymous to point your finger at wasnt any better then any other person who is biased against another group Let me explain. You know the Westboro baptist church? Should we point the finger at all Baptsits? How about the Bombing opf pearl harbor? Should we still blame those who are Japanose? How about the mexicans and the money we spend on the illegal boardr crosings and the costs to keep them or return them? Should we blaqme all mexicans. Im making these as examples. I am not biased, and never will be Im simply making a point. And that point is that you can not blame all for the actions of some. Not all people who use the term Anonymous are the same. Some Anonymous are really out there trying to make a difference but there are different Sec or groups that act on their own. There is even disagreement among anonymous collectives about the way some handle things. So do a little more research and blame the Collective, groups or Secs that are responsible instead of pointing your finger at a Collective term. By pointing your finger at Anonymous the people you are trying to cast blame on win because Anonymous is an Idea not a group! So basicly they are getting the Luls because by blaming Anonympous your blaming “no one” because in a sense anonymous doesnt exist!

    I will now ask something of you, to kindly use 15 mins of your time to watch my youtube posting and see if you agree with how I protest under the term Anonymous, so that you can see that not everyone is the same and there are thos of us who fight for the greater good! Feel free to comment there. I actually look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your goals and acheivements. ty

  8. Nicky says:

    Didnt they give out lots ov bad info? Old lady got like 500 phone calls and some family got threatened when they wasnt who they were after.Cant say Iv ever seen you do that Joey!

  9. Tim Mock says:

    I wanted to make a follow up comment, to let it be know that I in no way was bgeing sarcastic, disrespectful or showing anger to Joey. I was trying to let him know about me with the questions and responses, and just making a few points with explanations to show Joey my point. People will always have their own views and opinions but that dont mean we cant fight good causes together! I support Joeys works and enhcourage him to fight on!

  10. DiAnne says:

    I couldn’t have said that any better myself Cameron! I have been following this case for a long time, have been very sickened by it and found some hope when Anonymous became involved. So they do things differently then you, they are getting attention to this case that no one else has been able to get. Here’s the thing…I have seen first hand and unfortunately I know first hand what a rape victim goes through. Because of my job I also have unfortunately seen what can happen to a rape victim when they get old and there short term memories fail but there long term memories flare with life. It’s very hard and very heart breaking to watch a 95 year old relive a rape that happen to them when they were young like it was happening right now, the help that they didn’t get, the support that they didn’t get. Like most rape cases the evidence in this case has been gone for a long time and that tells me that the laws and courts and the people that we entrust to protect us and our rights have failed. So then what…Make people aware, let the people show support, behindtheyellowtape you stated, “Awesome, lets top it off by telling a town to come to a disorganized protest in front of a government building, on a Saturday, when it’s closed, in the snow where people are less likely to be out and see, and think a few hundred people (many out of towners) yelling and hooting insults, false accusations and uninformed questions at cops is called making a difference.” Guess what? To many people that did make a difference. Besides, look at what you said, to who you said it to, not just Anonymous, to the thousands of people who have said this is enough and I’m going to make my voice herd, I’m going to show support the only way that I can. You just slapped thousands of people in the face because of your pride! So where were you that day? If it was so bad, why were you not there asking the right questions deemed right by you! I could go on and on but I also know that would be a waste of my time. But I do know one thing for sure… “I AM NOT ANONYMOUS. I am one man. You don’t have to forgive me, I know you won’t forget me. Respect me.”
    I AM NOT ANONYMOUS BUT I SUPPORT THEM. I AM ONE PERSON, WHO CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. I MAY BE A FORGIVING PERSON BUT, I DON’T EVER FORGET. RESPECT GOES BOTH WAYS, IF YOU DON’T RESPECT, YOU DON’T GET RESPECT. As for your response to Cameron, I’m sorry but all I see is pride. I may not be as educated as you but I do have eyes, instincts and a good heart and still only see pride and that my friend is very sad to me.

  11. Memphis says:

    Thank you Mr. Ortega. I have failed to understand Anonymous’ program. Of course I’m happy when they go after people I don’t like. At the same time, I know that it’s not right. We have one justice system. It may not be perfect, but it is better than what looks to be a clique deciding the rules. I am grateful for the mainstream exposure Anonymous can give cases, but I think all the hacking and threatening is frightening. It’s almost like they are now claiming the internet and shutting up the voices they don’t like. Right now, I’m on board with everything they are doing, but what happens when I don’t? Will I be pushed out too? Isn’t that the very thing they are are against? Agh! So confusing! That took some nerve to write this. But, it’s a shame we should worry about that at all.

  12. amylynnburch says:

    It would appear that you are grossly under-informed. The so-called protest orchestrated – hardly organized – by so-called Anonymous was little more than a juvenile parlor trick designed, in the opinion of this writer, to throw off attention to the real issue in this case which is justice for the victim(s). Anonymous and those working in collusion with them seem decidedly set on gaining childish attention and notoriety for themselves at the expense of a rape victim and/or victims rather than pursuing justice through solid investigation and the rule of law.

    It is the reactionary thoughtlessness in your response above that fuels these untrained rebel-rousers who steal information through illegal means and then parade it around demanding to be worshiped for “having done something” and muddy authentic investigation. It isn’t enough to, as you stated, “believe in something” in order to press charges against the unlawful and make them the charges stick.

    It isn’t enough to clamor and yell like 2 year old in a disorganized group without a plan in order to exact justice upon the guilty. It takes having a solid reputation in the field of investigations such as Joey’s (which you interestingly refer to as “being an attention hog”… do you not understand that it takes being well known and respected in ones field in order to get things done?!) in order for a case of this magnitude to be taken seriously. Perhaps you should stop ranting like a child and educate yourself on the facts. Just a suggestion. In the meantime, those of us who make our living at this work will continue pursuing legal means and solid investigation to see that justice in this case prevails.

    ~Amy Lynn Burch

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  14. carolann says:

    We have been following you since you first began writing about the Steubenville “mess” and have listened to your blogradio programs which were great. Perhaps some of you now whining about Mr. Ortega w/o having followed him over the past few mos. shoud take the time to catch up onthe fine work he has done on exposing valley corruption and of course the hideous rape case and what appeared to be cover-up by local officials and local media. We think you’ve done an outstanding job for a community I doubt you ever even knew about before this all showed up on prinnified blog. Again thank you so much for caring and helping us. May God bless you and those who have been assisting you

  15. Laura Consier says:

    Wow! That was an amazing letter! Unfortunately it will fall on many deaf ears. Why? Because unless you have fought within the justice system as an investigator sifting through the pieces you have little understanding for how difficult it is to do your job with a huge group of people making it more difficult. People want the anger, the mob mentality, the belief that the system is corrupt due to their lack of intelligence and understanding. I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers along with the victim and the family members. As well as those being wrongly accused. As for Anonymous, I understand where they think they are doing something productive but they need to understand they are causing justice to take a back burner while causing more time to be wasted. Back off and let this man do his work!

  16. A follow up to some comments on my last blog post A Not So Anonymous Letter.

    You are missing the point, please re-read my words with unbiased and unemotional eyes. My ultimate issue and my point was not about credit, like I said, they can build monuments to Anonymous in the town square for all I care. The problem is, is that they are still coming to incorrect conclusions, throwing evidence to the wind without actually working it and preserving its integrity. Accusing a sitting sheriff of currently running a gambling operation and then giving locations and intel as they posted only assure that even if it were true, that the evidence will be long gone long before any federal agency can even hope to come in and secure it. I’m addressing their tactics and strategy or more to the point lack thereof, not them personally or their stated intents. I too want justice for these girls, perpetrators held accountable and the corrupt deposed.

    However, if not done wisely we risk adding to the chaos rather than helping to end it and the truth being even more distorted than finally exposed. Passion absolutely must drive what we do but if wisdom and foresight is not doing the steering you can end up nowhere fast and causing those following you even more lost than when you first came to rescue them.

    If you want to vilify me for trying to point that out then so be it. But the truth is the truth.

    Exposure for exposure’s sake is not enough and in the end may cause more harm than good and may end up denying more justice than it can hope to bring. Shock and awe is great and even useful at times when it is part of a well thought out plan, NOT the plan itself. There is a difference between knowing something and being able to prove it and there is a fine line between drawing attention to an issue and turning it into a spectacle.


  18. JR says:

    So he tried to crack this case the last few months? It only took KnightSec and their team a few days to make this global. That’s like a fan of a sports team saying he could do it better… lol

    • You are not reading my blogs, checking the facts or just don’t care. They cracked nothing, they offered nothing new. Added false or unfounded allegations, caused a number of people not related to the case get harassed and death threats. Disagree with me all you want. I welcome it. However, make an intelligent rebuttals to my points instead of ridiculous and childish personal attacks or admit you have nothing useful to add to the discussion.

  19. Pamela Devereux says:

    What an excellent letter to begin the new year.People will always criticize you.That comes from their own insecurities,and jealousy.You are very good at getting to the heart of the matter as you did in the SRC.Just keep doing what you do best,back-biters be damned.

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