Is It Worth It? A Lesson in Emotion and Ego Driven Action

Steubenville, Ohio, schools placed on lockdown amid increased interest in controversial rape case ( link to original article

It is one thing to shine a spotlight upon something the world must see. It is another to light it on fire. Both may draw attention and the latter even more so.

However with a fire, though it may be more awe inspiring and generate more buzz and emotion and is guaranteed to pump people up with the excitement of the spectacle, you risk burning down the very thing you were trying to bring attention to, and unlike a spotlight more often than not, as is the case with impulsively lit fires you have no control over its intensity and its spread, and so you risk losing control of it and endangering everything and everyone around it, regardless if they had anything to do with the very thing you wanted to highlight.

If you don’t believe me, I can think of a few thousands of scared and confused kids right now who may be able to concur.

Thanks to the “anonymous” lighter of that fire for the attention, lets just hope the shortcut to attention doesn’t cause the very thing they were calling attention to be reduced to ashes. Too bad nobody warned them…..oh wait….


About behindtheyellowtape

Joey Ortega started his investigative career early at the age of 18 working as an apprentice investigator for local detectives. He started out doing insurance fraud investigations and background investigations. Proving adept in the areas surveillance and information gathering, Joey continued to seek further investigative challenges. From there he went on to do internal investigations for a number of companies that include; Sears, Roebuck Co., Saks Fifth Avenue, and K-mart. He was largely responsible for investigating issues of internal theft, embezzlement, workers comp fraud, and crime ring investigations. His success eventually earned him a position as a national investigator for a cellular chain, investigating crime rings on a national level. Trained in the Reid technique (interviewing/interrogation), Joey was able to gain confessions consistently without a single prosecution ever being challenged in court. Throughout his career as an internal investigator Joey continued to work for various private investigative agencies. Moving away from insurance fraud, Joey began developing his skills in the areas of criminal defense investigation, fidelity investigation, missing person’s investigations, and stalker investigations. It was the area of stalker investigations that Joey began to discover his passion for computer crime investigations. Having to learn quickly how to trace harassing and threatening emails, Joey began see that this is where the future of crime and justice was heading and decided to throw himself deeply into the subject. As a result, Joey’s clientele began to include those who were victims of internet fraud and cyber attacks. Joey is also the co-founder of The Ullemeyer Group, Inc. an investigative and training firm based in Santa Barbara, California that specializes in forensic training and consulting.
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20 Responses to Is It Worth It? A Lesson in Emotion and Ego Driven Action

  1. amylynnburch says:

    Reblogged this on NotYourPlaything and commented:
    I’m changing my name to Cassandra…

  2. This is what happens when nasty people interfere, and it always does happen. Sadly, they do so much damage to others in the course of their own destruction.
    Someone will have to legislate in the end.

  3. SamIAm says:

    My kids go to an elementary school in Steubenville! It was absolutely terrifying. What do these babies have to do with a rape case. Shame on KYAnonymous for inciting pure vigilantism!!!! My first grader is scared to death!!!!! Our only crime is we lived in a quiet town before anonymous got involved.

    • truth&justice says:

      a quiet town that was safe for your baby, but not teen girls. I would prefer all kids safe, so would Anonymous.

  4. sara says:

    All this media and social network attention has guaranteed this kid not get a fair trail, in doing so if a conviction is handed down, it CAN be overturned on appeal. Way to Einsteins!! Its pretty fair to conclude “Anonymous” has no idea how our “legal system” works.

  5. Jae Jay says:

    Yeah, damn those people for not allowing Steupidville to continue covering up this crime. Damn them for being decent people! Damn them for having a conscience and the courage to do the right thing! Damn them!

    • ReplytoJaeJay says:

      You show your ignorance in your first sentence. Some of these people even Anonymous supporters live in this town that you refer to as “Steupidville”. This comment shows the same callous disregard that many have shown towards the people of Steubenville.

      You can have a conscience and still be conscious of the law. How is Anonymous doing the “right” thing? There is a difference between doing something and doing it well. Perhaps bringing attention to the case is commendable but facts and fact checking is vital (unless you are Mitt Romney). On the LocalLeaks website where they post their ‘intel’ the very first piece of info is wrong. The date of arrest of the 2 accused was August 22, 2012 but on LocalLeaks it states August 27, 2012. This simple oversight puts all their info to question. Anonymous has stated that they are seeking justice but didn’t even include the charge of illegal use of a minor and nudity oriented material which the police have recovered evidence to support. This egregious error may seem insignificant to you but a large portion of discussion is in regards to the photos and video. So They are only seeking justice for one charge? Maybe that is your idea of the “right” thing.

      I have followed Anonymous on twitter since the beginning of their involvement and the leader seems to be a decent character but I did not agree with him calling himself the “executioner” in this case. I did not agree with him attempting to coerce individuals to incriminate themselves by apologizing to him (one kid apologized who wasn’t even there). I did not agree with him deciding who was guilty and who was not. That is not justice. That is simply a guy taking control of something that is not rightfully his place or what he states is his intention. I have watched him time and time again make statements that are false or out of context. Just last night he tweeted a screenshot of a Facebook post in which someone was talking to a young girl with the last name Saccoccia. The poster indicated that he spoke to her dad about a bet. KY stated he was referring to the coach of the team and gambling at the Spot Bar but this is not substantiated in the post. Another poster confirmed it was the coach’s niece(I thought Anonymous had already done their research on the coach). So the Facebook post was most likely referring to another individual, not the coach and no evidence to support the claim regarding the Spot Bar. I use this example to show how it is easy to jump to conclusion but of course you feel this is the “right” thing to do.

      He claims others are “false prophets”? What exactly does that mean? Prophets of what? He also noted that “the writers of the Constitution used fake names”, Pseudonyms were used often in that time period as they are today but if he honestly believes that George Washington or Thomas Jefferson hid their identities when it came time to sign one of the most important documents of our nation he is sadly mistaken.

      I have watched his incapacity to debate. He seems to rely on name calling and intimidation when someone has an opposing argument but says they are peaceful people. I don’t think “peaceful’ describes someone who says they give ultimatums and then acts. I don’t think “peaceful” is threatening to out individuals. I don’t think “peaceful” is telling a young man, that they misidentified, that someone close to them could get hurt and that they have been warned. But to you this is courage.

      I could go on and on. I believe Joey used the quote “He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster.” the rest of the quote being “And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” Cases like these bring out the best and worst in people. I believe I have seen both sides of Anonymous in this one.

      Now that I have pointed out these things people will undoubtedly say that I oppose Anonymous or that I support the rapists which is completely untrue .This is the common reply to anyone who states anything other than what Anonymous has offered. This is not a rational response ‘If you are not with them, you are against them’. Basically you are considered a moron if you don’t believe every word they say. I do not support all their actions. Some yes but I don’t believe you expose a cover-up with a barrage of rumors and hearsay all the while dismissing the actual facts. You don’t battle corruption with assumption and then claim you are seeking the truth. I commend Anonymous for taking a stand against injustice but again there is a difference between doing something and doing it well. There is a difference between being ethical and being a hypocrite. But to you its just “Steupidville” so it’s ok.

      • I have addressed pretty much all of your critiques and questions in previous writings ad nauseum and stated and defended my objections to their actions and am done answering defenses to their motives and attacks at mine or unfounded and unsubstantiated counter-claims and personal attacks, they are all irrelevant to the actual discussion.

        As to your first charge however, I have looked but cannot find such a spelling of Steubenville but will still look and ask to point to that reference for me to correct what is nothing more than a mistake, that I profusely apologize for and hope to find and rectify ASAP. My respect for the good people of that town is deep and sincere, why else would one want to fight so hard to answer the many requests for help and notes of gratitude that poured in, before all this and still does? Trust me, I may not be a friend of these anonymous people, but that does not change the fact that I remain a staunch ally, advocate and supporter of the good people of Steubenville, Ohio.

        • ReplytoJaeJay says:

          That was actually a reply to Jae Jay hence the reason it was submitted as a reply to Jae Jay by ReplytoJaeJay. Don’t be so defensive

          • ReplytoJaeJay says:

            Wait a minute…did you actually say all my points were irrelevant to the discussion?

          • HAHAHA, Sorry, I spent so much time fielding hate mail, comments and posts that Its easy to miss a context or two. Thanks for reminding me to take time read a little sloooower sometimes. 😉

          • I thought I was reading comments by Jay as a direct counter-argument to my discussion points. Everything makes more sense now that I see the context and the quotes and spellings I didn’t remember making were not being attributed to me. lol.

  6. Holly says:

    If it turns out that Charlie Keenan was not involved – the rumor is he was actually OUT OF TOWN at the time of the party – these Anonymous will be in a world of hurt. Him losing a full ride to college over false Anon accusations is a *provable* amount of damages (4 years of college @ $20k (?) per year = at least $80k in damages). One defamation suit was already filed over false accusations…how hard would it be to file another case with much stronger arguments for the plaintiff? Oh yea, and this plaintiff has a bulldog attorney for a mother!

  7. Lisa Connolly says:

    Is anything ever really reported on via this site? The tag lines will indicate a story, but when I read it, it is alwyas just criticism of other sites or an impassioned plea that this site isn’t getting credit for news they have supposedly broken. Once I again, I feel duped by reading anything on here.

    • Actually get off that train. It’s silly and won’t work in slamming me. There were ever one or two mentions of work product crediting issues as is valid and my right to discuss and that’s it. My discussion are and has been focused on This case and current events with Anonymous. You are either not reading the articles or you are doing nothing but supporting a certain’s hate blogger’s (whose name I will not offer air time) efforts to use this case to continue her stalking and failed defaming efforts, or to turn a matter that is between Alex and I into a drama she and I are not looking for.

      Critique me all you wish. I’m glad to listen and am always thankful for the opportunity to better my performance but at least offer me the benefit of examples and specifics to help me better understand where you are coming from and not just throw blanket charges or jabs.

  8. Holly says:

    I’m hearing that Charlie Keenan wasn’t even in town when the party occurred. That LocalLeaks site has even taken him out of their official timeline, save for saying he was drinking at a party. If it turns out that it’s provable he wasn’t involved, KYAnonymous et al. is going to get sued for defamation. We all know there was already one defamation suit, not too hard to imagine another one. And this one would have much stronger arguments for the plaintiffs (and his mother is a bulldog attorney). The damages would be so easy to prove if he loses his full ride scholarship. It’s simply the monetary value of the scholarship* plus whatever else damages they can convince the jury of.

    *what is college now, $20k/yr multiplied by 4 years? So that’s $80k in damages at the outset.

    • Another question to that issue. Which I am researching the answer to still, is if indeed the alibi is true and definitely established, will Rosanne Barr also share some culpability in whatever damages are charged by Charlie and his family. I have seen her throw his name out there, though NOT directly accusing him form what I have seen but intimating such in the way she threw him out their on national TV discussions. That can harm him far more than Anonymous given her celebrity and media influence.

      • Holly says:

        I have to admit, I haven’t studied the transcripts from her show, but it’s a general rule that lawsuits follow the money. There is no point in suing a homeless man if you know he can’t pay, even if the case is a slam dunk. To your point, I would expect the plaintiffs in that hypothetical defamation suit to at least *consider* naming Rosanne in the complaint, along with the more reckless websites publishing rumors as fact. Rosanne’s country-wide audience, availability of funds (I’m assuming she has a little $$), and her overall negligence in accusing Charlie Keenan without knowing any real details would give the plaintiffs strong arguments for a large defamation judgement.

  9. Holly says:

    I note that the KYAnonymous account is currently suspended, and the “real” anonymous is apparently outing him? Maybe they feel more the way you do about the lynching, Joey?

    • According to “anonymous” calls and tips, that is how others who fly under that banner feel and are in the process of doing. I have also received a plethora of docs pointing to his identity as well as a video. I know nothing of those who provided me with this data and so it is all the more necessary to vet and verify the claims myself and have professional investigators and colleagues as far as the east coast doing just that. Ill air what is verified, I promise. Though it will do nothing to maintain my hold of the info as I was told of the other people who it was given to and many of them may and already have released it, I am hoping to maintain my hold of the integrity that many have come to trust and the confidence that what we declare as FACT is.

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