Bitter, Brooding, and Self-Important

~ by Amy Lynn Burch

“…truee [sic] crime is entertainment and these people will latch on to anyone they think will get them publicity.” ~Michelle L McKee

It almost sounds as though she’s describing herself in that statement. This is just one of the many character exposing statements that Michelle L. McKee made to Joey Ortega via Facebook Private Message between February 11, 2012 and February 19, 2012 when she sought him out to ask for help stalking crime author and commentator, Pat Brown. As an abuse survivors advocate, I have significant difficulty ignoring blatant attempts by off-the-rails abusive personalities to exploit others for their own selfish purposes. Through her self-insertion into the Steubenville case bringing with her the likes of wannabe Anonymous and their near-criminal behavior, she has proven herself to be opportunistic and glory-seeking at the expense of crime victims. It is for that reason that I cannot remain silent. Michelle L. McKee has now apparently shifted her focus to Jacob Limberios and is apparently exploiting the death of this young man for her own purposes.

What readers’ must understand is that this isn’t about humiliating or “sticking it” to anyone. However, as a media and investigative professional which Michelle claims to be, she should clearly understand that everyone in the public eye is open to scrutiny particularly those who call themselves “influencers” and “high profile” figures in a given issue. This includes Michelle L. McKee especially since she seem more and more desperate to get people to see her as the one who brought in Anonymous in contrast to earlier denials, or so it seems.

It is with crystal clear confidence in the credibility of those Michelle L McKee essentially “slammed” in her messages to Joey, specifically Stacy Dittrich and Corey Mitchell, and their professional abilities that I seriously question and expose Michelle’s rather obvious selfish motivation in her vengeful behavior. Her credibility – if ever she had any– is utterly destroyed by her ruthless attempts to recruit Joey to do her bidding against Pat Brown. Furthermore, her antics in recruiting Anonymous wannabes into manipulating the Steubenville Rape Case only further damage, by her own doing, her and Alexandria “Prinnie” Goddard’s credibility.

Michelle L. McKee’s seemingly pathological desire to destroy anyone in her path whom she feels has crossed her is legendary within the so-called true crime community. It’s a shame, too, because at one time she had the potential to be a decent and engaging writer. It should also be made clear before I continue that at one time, Joey Ortega did, indeed, have an issue with Pat Brown referring to herself as a “criminal profiler” and it was this concern that apparently piqued Michelle’s interest in engaging him on her quest to… well, I’ll let you read Michelle’s own words on the matter.

As an aside, it is my understanding of the facts that Michelle L. McKee erroneously implicated certain people of wrongdoing in the case of Casey Anthony and without evidence, accused William Kevin Murtaugh of murdering Trenton Duckett as you will read in the following messages in her own words.  It is also my understanding that police officials after hearing these claims cleared Mr. Murtaugh of wrongdoing and have ruled him out as a suspect. With the exception of Joey’s opinions regarding Pat Brown’s failure to show any real experience and credibility as a criminal profiler – including her published works which were “unpacked” so to speak by established professionals and pioneers in the field, many of whom Joey knows personally and has interviewed professionally – Joey Ortega holds no ill will towards Stacy Dittrich, Corey Mitchell, William Kevin Murtaugh, or any of the other persons whom Michelle L. McKee has chosen to malign. It would appear that because Joey Ortega did not share Michelle L. McKee’s seemingly abusive agenda to have a personal war with Pat Brown, Michelle decided that Joey Ortega was something of an enemy and fair game to attack.

And now, let’s be on with it, shall we?

The first message that you see below is Joey’s message to me asking me to safeguard his copy of the messages in case his email was tampered with as has been so often threatened by various and sundry malcontents. Joey later gave me permission use his copies of the messages as I saw fit, and I see fit to post them here so that all can see, through reading Michelle’s own words, her true intentions when involving herself in sensational cases. Michelle engages in more than a moderate amount of projection in her lengthy caustic messages in which she tries unsuccessfully to engage Joey to join her smear campaign of Pat Brown. For those unfamiliar with the concept, projection is the term used in psychological term used to describe a predictable defense mechanism whereby a person attempts to shed certain personal characteristics by projecting those characteristics onto other people.

And with that I give you the following. Again, I have the permission of the rightful owner of the message copies to reprint this information at my discretion. The following messages exchanged between Joey Ortega and Michelle L. McKee between February 11, 2012 beginning at 8:31am (PST) and ending February 19, 2012 at 2:07pm (PST). As with the previously posted messages, spelling and grammatical errors committed by both Joey Ortega and Michelle L. McKee are left intact to protect the integrity of the messages with the exception of the removal of two email addresses of third parties to protect their information:

  • April 27


Joey Ortega

Save this for me, on the off chance my mail is screwed with lol. Been meaning to pass on to you anyway. Pretty much outlines Mckees issue with me. She tried to get me to help with her stalking of Pat Brown because of my recent write ups on her back then. She seemed nutty but was going to call her as requested. then I asked the authors and stuff that knew here and was warned that my instincts were right and to stay away.

Was going to write her and let her know I had no need to work with her on the Pat issue and was prtty much done writing about it anyway but she flipped out three days later for not calling her fast enough lol. Either way, i left it at that…..she clearly didnt.



Michelle McKee

Hi, this is a piece I wrote a while back on In Cold Blog. The feed was picked up and archived here (thank God!) The incident that I talk about in this post is what started her obsession with me. I defended a friend against her abuse. She was trying to ruin him both personally & professionally because she didn’t like what he put on his blog. What she did to him, his late wife & those who mourned her death was despicable! Feel free to repost the link or the entire article. Best – M

This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.



Michelle McKee

I know a LOT of the true crime personalities out there. Stacey Dietrich is an attention whore just like 90% of the rest of them. If she says she’s going to help you, don’t be surpised when she doesn’t. Want to know how owns WICI, go to Susan Murphy-Milano and ask her. She will tell you Pat Brown, in no uncertain terms. That site is a low brow piece of crap. BTW, my last gues writter was a US Congressman & Pulitzer Prize winners would come to me and ask me if they could contribute posts. When it comes to true crime, no one has been able to duplicate or top what I accomplished with ICB. I absolutely know what I am talking about. No one knows the Internet TC genre like I do, down to the readers & players. I am the best there is at tc promotion and in order to be the best I had to know my competition and demographic inside and out. Best – M



Joey Ortega

I wont deign to question the credibility of your blog. I am looking forward to knowing more about it and you and listen to you insights and input. I think you will quickly find that i am not quick to judge anyone and make every effort to treat people i deal directly with with respect, even those who may have an agenda towards me and with all people I find making every effort to respect the dignity of those you talk to and about, even when accusing them of serious offenses. It help ppl stick to the facts and emotion slowing quick resolution.

You have my ear and will listen to all you say and will follow up as well. All I ask is that i not be scolded, chided, condescended or cussed out on my own page. If offended you, know what ever I said was not intended to be a personal affront.

All that aside I really do want to talk with you about your experiences with APt and know that i will pursue everything. I am not one shaken or scared of a case once I start it. Pat is quickly learning this. Nice does not mean weak, not powerless.



Joey Ortega

with Pat*



Michelle McKee

I’m sorry if I offended you. When you talk to me you’ll find out why WICI, Pat & a few others are a real sore spot with me. In Cold Blog was killed by Pat, Diane Fanning, Kathryn Casey and Murt. They sought to destroy it by ruining my reputatoin and credibility. I have permanent helth damage because of what these SOB’s put me through. I will never get better. Ever. People, their peers, stood idely by and watched as I was destroyed to the point of literally loosing my mind. No one should ever have to go through what I have. My crime? I had a HUGELY succesful blog & was veery outspoken. BTW, when my anxiety goes up I swear like a sailor. I’m a lot better than I used to be, but I’m still working on it. Seriously, I fucked up six ways from Sunday due to the bs they put me through. I damn near died. I get bent when anyone supports the people who, in my opinion, tried to get me to kill myself & those who were too cowardly to stand up and say “enough!”



Michelle McKee

This was In Cold Blog. I had over 20 contributors & could get anyone I wanted to write a post. Like I said, my last guest writer was a US Congressman. There is no other blog out there that was able to literally get Congressional approval for something like that. The Office of the President of the UnitesStates & the House of Representatives were regular readers.

This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.



Joey Ortega

So what exactly happend? What did Pat do, was it he or her fans?

please lets keep this on here now and off the wall. I try not to let the tone on there get to personal or socially uncomfortable.



Michelle McKee

Her, her fans & her “colleagues” from WICI. There is too much to put in a FB post, since it started in 2007.



Joey Ortega

Is it better if I call?



Michelle McKee

Yes. Do you still have my number?



Joey Ortega

Yes in my Gmail where you sent it. What is usallay best for you?



Michelle McKee

Anytime, really. I’m up all night and up early in the AM. I’m an insomniac. Whenever is best for you will work for me.



Joey Ortega

ok, please remind me what state you are in?



Michelle McKee

I’m in Washington. Seattle/Tacoma area.



Joey Ortega

ok, ill try to touch base this weekend if ok



Michelle McKee

That would be fine. I wrote for National Lampoon for a short time. This is what she left in their comments. You can verify with Nadine Rajabi, she was my editor. I’ll go pull the post that PB got bent about and then you can compare what I wrote to what she has to say. Needless to say, she exagerates in order to play victim & try to screw me. She made life so damn hard that my gig with Lampoon was short lived. You can’t image how much I hate that bitch.




Joey Ortega

How did NL respond to Pat’s post?



Michelle McKee

Nadine was pissed. Not at me, at her. They ignored her and never posted her comment. Oh, and for the record, I’m not a stalker & no one has sued me or filed anything against me. She lies as easily as you and I breathe. Gary C. King can confirm that she went to him looking for information about me. He’s a true crime author. We used to hate each other but we’re friends now. Everyone who knows me knows she is a liar. She even went after Andy Kahan!



Joey Ortega

Do you have a direct number for me to speak with Nadine as suggested?



Michelle McKee

I have her email addy. I don’t like to give out phone numbers without asking first. You can email her at [email address removed]



Joey Ortega

ok, is it ok if I say you referred me. Do you want to call ahead and let her know or give her my contact info?



Michelle McKee

Yes, tell her I referred you. She’s not with Lampoon anymore, but she should remember Pat’s comment. She was fuming! You could try to interview Corey Mitchell about what Pat did to him, too. Just don’t mention my name. His email is [email address removed]



Joey Ortega

ok, yes I know him. Why should I not mention you. Are you and he not on good terms?



Michelle McKee

If you go to Kathryn Casey and Diane Fanning and ask them about me. They’ll like their asses off. They came after me beause I dared to call the profiler out as a fake & would not leave In Cold Blog under their pressure. So, KC threatened me with career suicide and then followed through.



Michelle McKee

No, he hates me. He ended up buying into the bullshit. He destroyed everything I built. I will tell you all about it. Murt managed to turn him against me. Like I said, truee crime is entertainment and these people will latch on to anyone they think will get them publicity. Coreywas my closest friend, then he turned on me like a rabid dog.



Joey Ortega




Michelle McKee

Murt is the sick POS that Alex has told you about. Pat and Diane snuggled up to him and whined and cried that I was their stalker. So, in the end, Murt was the one who pushed me into a nervous breakdown. He’s one of Pat Brown’s biggest fans! He used her as justification to cause harm. He’s a pig. Ask Alex about Murt. He wants to make the 2 of us into a skin dress



Michelle McKee

Murt has literally ran to Pat screaming that I was picking on him (paraphrasing)



Joey Ortega

ewww. so what is his full name



Michelle McKee

William Kevin Murtaugh. He’s in the discovery docs for the Casey Anthony case. Said he murdered Trenton Duckett (which is another story) and that he trolls the malls looking for children under 5 to victimize. He’s a cockroach.



Michelle McKee;;

This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.


Michelle McKee

Here, meet Murt. Nothing quite says “goober” like Murt on video. This one is when he faked his suicide online then tried to blame it on Alex.

This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.



Michelle McKee

I changed my mind. Leave Nadine alone. She doesn’t need to be bothered with this garbage. Quite honestly, if you were interested in what I have to say I would have heard from you a long time ago. As far as “investigation” goes, I was an white collar crime analyst with the National Insurance Crime Bureau and worked on everything from insurance fraud to auto theft to terrorism (9/11), abduction, murder, arson and everything in between. According to NICB I’m a recognized expert on the Internet and Internet based investigations. I’ve worked with FBI, ATF, DEA, ICE, Homeland Security, Secret Service and state and local LEO’s. The high profile people on my FB I know personally or have worked with – except for John Douglass – and some of them are my very closest friends, including Burl Barer – who was not a writing partner with Alex. She interviewed him at my suggestion. My life was destroyed to the point that I can’t even get a job because of the shit that has been said about me by Pat and her cohorts. You’re expose on Pat isn’t going to make a bit of difference to anyone for one simple reason, your audience is not large enough – plus no one cares. I am quite offended by what I view as complete dismissal. I don’t know who you think I am, but I’m not some low level blogger or crime groupie and what was done to me should never be done to anyone. Maybe someday I’ll finally be vindicated, but I doubt it will be via you. Finally, to go after Pat while praising her blog is hypocritical and what I see is ass kissing in order to ensure the other writers their will do your show. I’m not impressed. You have pretty much told me that I don’t know what I’m talking about when it comes to WICI while telling me I have to prove I’ve been victimized. I don’t have to prove shit to anyone anymore. Google is your friend. When you finally realize I am who I say I am, I am what I say I am and that I do know what I’m talking about it’s going to be too late. I won’t have any interest in speaking with you. Good luck. I’m sure you’ll do fine. The crime groupie demographic is primarily female and they embrace men while the women they seek to destroy (unless they have some kind of pseudo-celebrity status). I’m done. Their are plenty of people who know what happened to me is very real and that I am telling the truth. But, like I said, if you actually wanted my information I would have heard from you long ago.

Ummmm… who exaggerates in order to play victim?

Notice that Joey never engaged her. Why? Go back to the original message posted by Joey to me asking me to safeguard the messages. Again, I remind you that I have express permission from the message copies owner, Joey Ortega, to reprint these messages.  He read her erratic messages, did some research, and decided to not engage Michelle L. McKee. Therefore, he didn’t. However, this doesn’t appear to be good enough for Michelle who couldn’t leave well enough alone so on September 4, 2012 at 7:33am (PST) Michelle sent the following to Joey Ortega via Facebook Private Message:


Michelle McKee

I’m going to make this short and sweet: Alex Goddard and I are extremely good friends. I can easily say she is my best female friend. Hell, I’m one of the few people who know what State she is actually living in! Therefore, I know the truth about her involvement in the Big Red story. In fact, I helped gather the screenshots with her. The Big Red story, all the work involved, the entire story belongs solely to HER! I still have a lot of power in the true crime genre regardless of whether you have a clue as to who I am or not. So, here’s the deal: if you do not man up, tell the truth and delete that self-serving bullshit from your facebooks where you take credit for her work by morning, I am going to open a can of whoop ass using every tool at my disposal – including paid advertisements – and out you as the lying, unethical POS you obviously are! I am totally serious! Back off of her story, stop acting like it’s yours, drop the exaggeration about your involvement, delete your bullshit, or your ass is mine!

All I can say to that is, if she and Alexandria “Prinnie” Goddard are such good friends she would have known the extent of Joey’s involvement and support of Alexandria “Prinnie” Goddard from the beginning. Or maybe Michelle, herself, is just another piece in Alexandria “Prinnie” Goddard’s unethical and duplicitous living-breathing Chess game? Maybe.

Again, notice that Joey Ortega doesn’t respond even though she has made a direct threat against him and over the Internet, too! That’s something of a felony for those unaware.

Then, on September 13, 2012 at 12:59pm (PST) there’s this message sent from Michelle L. McKee to Joey Ortega, again via Facebook Private Message:


Michelle McKee

So, Murt has gone after Alex again and this time he’s involved himself in the Steubenville rape case. I suggest you step your ass up to the plate and follow through with helping her legally, since that was the promise you made. I doubt you can or will follow through and I have told her as much. My opinion is that you are completely full of shit. But, if you can help Alex then do it and do it NOW! I have only backed off from cleaning your clock because of Alex. Help her as you promised. Prove you’re not an attention whore who is just using her and everyone else you encounter for your own 15-minutes of implied fame.

Apparently, Michelle L. McKee wasn’t as much in the loop as she thought or she would have known that Joey Ortega had already backed up Alexandria “Prinnie” Goddard in every meaningful way possible including legally. Joey’s response was as follows on the same day, September 13, 2012 at 2:07pm (PST):


Joey Ortega

Michelle, I’m not sure what your problem is or why you continue to cast me as some sort of villain despite the evidence to the opposite. Alex and I a friends and colleagues and she needs no help from you or threats on her behalf. I’m well aware of Murts issues, and her and I stay in sync about how to respond and when.

At this point until you have anything productive to say then I would thank you to cease all contact with me. Do what ever it is you feel you need to do to punish me for whatever slight you continue to think I keep committing. I have no concerns and you won’t be the first or last who is just generally committed to trying to harm me for the sake of their own screwed up agenda or pathology. I have nothing to hide and have no concerns about what you think you can do to me. D what you want and like murt I’ll deal with it when I feel it is necessary, if ever. As far as I’m concerned your behavior clearly shows you two are no different and therefore just as deserving of the same concern, attention, or airtime….none.

Good day

What a shame it is that Joey Ortega had no reason to assume that Alexandria “Prinnie” Goddard was anything other than what he described her to be at the end of this post: a “friend and colleague.” Sadly, Alexandria “Prinnie” Goddard’s true character has been revealed to be anything but as well as Michelle L. McKee’s.



About behindtheyellowtape

Joey Ortega started his investigative career early at the age of 18 working as an apprentice investigator for local detectives. He started out doing insurance fraud investigations and background investigations. Proving adept in the areas surveillance and information gathering, Joey continued to seek further investigative challenges. From there he went on to do internal investigations for a number of companies that include; Sears, Roebuck Co., Saks Fifth Avenue, and K-mart. He was largely responsible for investigating issues of internal theft, embezzlement, workers comp fraud, and crime ring investigations. His success eventually earned him a position as a national investigator for a cellular chain, investigating crime rings on a national level. Trained in the Reid technique (interviewing/interrogation), Joey was able to gain confessions consistently without a single prosecution ever being challenged in court. Throughout his career as an internal investigator Joey continued to work for various private investigative agencies. Moving away from insurance fraud, Joey began developing his skills in the areas of criminal defense investigation, fidelity investigation, missing person’s investigations, and stalker investigations. It was the area of stalker investigations that Joey began to discover his passion for computer crime investigations. Having to learn quickly how to trace harassing and threatening emails, Joey began see that this is where the future of crime and justice was heading and decided to throw himself deeply into the subject. As a result, Joey’s clientele began to include those who were victims of internet fraud and cyber attacks. Joey is also the co-founder of The Ullemeyer Group, Inc. an investigative and training firm based in Santa Barbara, California that specializes in forensic training and consulting.
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  1. Shock, Horror. I lost track of Prinnie’s Blog sometime ago. Should I be pleased about that?

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    Holly Briley – Google her. Another friend of Michelle’s.

  4. Always someone coming in to hinder anything right you try to accomplish.

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