9 Responses to The Jester and th3j35t3r “brand”

  1. Smarter says:

    Do You realize you have the wrong profile, address, website and phone #. LOL Your a joke.
    Wrong>> http://www.zoominfo.com/#!search/profile/company?companyId=28804703&targetid=profile
    Right>> http://jesterscomputers.com/
    LOL Nice research you hack.

  2. Mr. Ortega,

    You didn’t get my permission to use either my logo, or your cut/paste job of parts of my writing for this article. You cherry picked parts of the reply to fit your story, which is disingenuous at best. I don’t consider this fair use, and I do have the right to send a DMCA takedown request, contrary to your assertion in the post.

    You also infer that after confrontation by you, we took our website down. That’s outright false, possibly bordering on defamatory and libelous. I do not appreciate it, at all. I will be posting a timeline of events for the outage our ISP had today that affected their entire PA operations, as soon as I get done with this post. It’ll be in a new News section on jesters-court.net within the next 2 hours.

    In my reply, which you conveniently cut out for your narrative, I told you I was going to get in touch with The Jester to resolve the potential copyright infringement. We came to a very amicable agreement in a short amount of time. The Jester, without hesitation, agreed to remove our logo. The explanation for the reuse of the logo was appropriate, unintentional, and quickly resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

    As far as I’m concerned, this story is over. Any additional representation of non-facts and half-truths will be considered harmful to not only me, but also my business.

    • I included this and my response (which was also directly emailed to Mr. Burdick) in the interest of full disclosure and to address any concern that there is any attempt on my part to leave out key info or in anyway imply or infer that I doubt the sincerity of what was told me by this company’s representative prior to writing this article or afterwards.

      “I just received your message in my blog and will remove the logo fooling (Correction:following) this message. I do apologize for any upset including it created.

      In regards to the other issues you raised, I’m not sure what you mean by inferring anything on your part other that what you said, that you indeed had not been aware of the Jester’s use of the logo and that it was indeed your logo. I used your own words to to avoid an accusation twisting your words and cut it off prior to the part where you stated it was the conclusion of your response.
      I followed up with an explicit statement that I did my own research and that all you said lined up and with the facts and that you are in the right. I quoted what was pertinent and what appeared to be your official response. I wasn’t looking to twist anything nor include an entire email. However it would appear both is being done with mine to you. Shortly after publication someone from a TOR owned IP tried to post a copy of my email to to you asking for comment and then tried to distort it into some sort of proof of “extortion”. Both were annoying , but whatever. I generally assume I being heard and try to live under the rule of not saying anything to anyone you are not willing to say in the presence if a judge and jury.

      I don’t know who go that email and did what that did and offered their own inference, but I have an idea. However you and I both know that was never my purposes or reason for contacting you. It was what I said it was and have been forthright from the beginning.

      In regards to concerns to anything I did or did not infer, the site being shut down was never a inference that you would or did do so, only a clear concern that Jester or someone working on his behalf would attempt to retaliate against it. It would not be the firs time an American website was attacked for questioning or upsetting Jester,made spite his many claims that he only attacks jihdists sites. In fact it appeared at the time there may have been issues with your site loading later but I was waiting and monitoring it to avoid jumping to the wrong conclusion.

      Aside from removing the logo if there is a way to address your concern or objections let me know. I’m not sure who would see you as the bad guy here but whatever I can do to assure it does not happen, I’m glad to help.”

    • J-Sucks says:

      Fair Use for Journalism
      This document is a statement of principles to help journalists in the United States interpret the copyright doctrine of fair use. It is intended for anyone who engages in the set of practices that entails creating media of any kind that refers to real-life events of public interest, in service of public knowledge, whether that person is a full-time professional or an individual who takes it upon himself or herself to report about specific issues or events. In other words, the definition of “journalism” to which this document speaks is defined by acts, not titles, and is an inclusive one, reflecting (in part) the changing nature of the technologies that support and enable journalistic practice.

      Fair use is the right to use copyrighted material without permission or payment under some circumstances—especially when the cultural or social benefits of the use are predominant. It is a general right that applies even in situations where the law does not provide an explicit authorization for the specific use in question. As with more familiar rights of free expression, people use this right without any formal notification or registration.

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  5. IP says:

    Actually, yes, posting it here WOULD absolutely fall under fair use, and Joey could in fact disregard any dmca filed against it. The purpose of the usage here is clearly to discuss the contention over the logo and Jester’s dishionest use, and not an attempt to appropriate the image. He has every right to post it, and could even sue if such an obviously false dmca were filed.

    On a more humorous note, the archive.org shows the ‘logo’ appears to have been drawn out for a silly high school newsletter, and not a “communication company.” Seems you were a little less rigid in HS. Lighten up.

    And Jason, you should be ashamed of yourself for coming to such a quick conclusion based on Jester and co’s misrepresentations. The ddos on your site is typical against anyone who inconveniences the fake hacker.

    Also notable is that the logo theft was publicly pointed out to the jester over a year ago. He was well aware it was stolen, just as his Jester-face logo is stolen. Jester’s also dropped your name on numerous occasions on his list of people he thinks he’s been doxed as. This list includes the guy he stole his nickname from, the guy he stole his “J terminal” code from, and multiple others. He has never once apologized to any of these people, despite publishing their names and then claiming they were in mortal physical danger.

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