Update on Bulger Trial – Prosecution Rests

ImageBy Sharon Branco

After 30 days of testimony and 62 witnesses, Assistant United States Attorney, Brian Kelly finally said, “at this time, the United States rests its case against Mr. Bulger.”    Bulger’s defense attorneys will present his defense beginning on Monday.   There are 15 witnesses Bulger’s defense plans on calling, 7 on Monday and 8 on Tuesday.    Will notorious Irish gangster Whitey Bulger take the stand in his own defense?   Defense attorney J.W. Carney stated to the court, the decision will be made sometime Monday.

The prosecution ended its case against Mr. Bulger with details of his capture in June 2011.  FBI agent, Scott Garriolla from the FBI’s Los Angeles Fugitive Task Force office explained to the jury how Bulger was tricked into a peaceful surrender.   Garriolla stated Bulger was cooperative showing the agents that came to arrest him all his guns, knives, fake ID’s, and hide outs in the apartment he shared with longtime girlfriend Catherine Greig.

Garriolla asked Bulger if he intended to use the guns for a shootout with cops.  Bulger stated no because he was concerned a stray bullet may hit someone.  Bulger asked for future consideration and leniency for his girlfriend in exchange for  his cooperation that day.    Bulger’s defense pointed out that the FBI office was only 3 miles from Bulger’s apartment!

Quid Pro Quo

Stephen “The Rifleman” Flemmi was Bulger’s criminal partner for 20 years.  He was also a FBI informant like Bulger.   He pled guilty in 2003 to 10 murders. He’s been in jail for 17 years.

Flemmi stated that he was an FBI informant and so was Bulger.  Flemmi testified that his relationship with the FBI was  “quid pro quo.”   Bulger’s defense attorney said isn’t that Latin for “rat?”   Flemmi answered back, “I don’t like that word, and Mr. Bulger doesn’t like it either.”  Bulger  looked up at that comment.

Defense was able to bring out of Flemmi that he lied in prior testimony before the grand jury and that while he was sitting in jail it crossed his mind that the government was looking for him to give up FBI agents.  Defense read off a list of FBI agents, then prosecutors objected.    Flemmi admitted he lied about John Connolly in the past about giving them (Flemmi and Bulger) information that led to murders. But Flemmi insisted he was not lying now.  FLemmi said Connolly gave us information and we acted on it.  The fact is Flemmi has given varying testimony in the past.  Why should the jurors believe him now.  Defense brought out that Flemmi had every incentive to lie.  He was spared the death penalty in OK and FL.  He was moved to better living conditions in prison.   Flemmi admitted he had a sexual relationship with his step-daughter.   Regarding the murders of two females, Debra Hussey and Debra David, Flemmi stated Bulger told Flemmi they both had to go, Bulger’s defense attorney said Flemmi killed Debra Hussey to prevent avalanche of sexually predator behavior from being revealed.

Whitey Bulger and Stevie Flemmi were not the first FBI informants that killed and they will not be the last.


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