Two Wars, One Solution?

As a result of my radio show and investigative work both online and offline I have had many people either write or approach me is some way asking my opinion about either the “War of Terror” or this “Info War” that seems to be concurrently raging globally.

Here is a recent rant of sort that came out in a recent talk with colleagues. Since I have many readers, friends and contacts here who are in both fields, I would love to hear your thoughts about this and what can be done in response.

Despite our technological advances in cyber security and even physical security  people in general often remain first line of defense in both cyber and terrorist attacks against an organization, corporation or even governments….and often the first attack point for both groups. Though sadly very few see that until after the fact when they fell victim to social engineering attacks. A potent tool also used by both groups.

Both groups are essentially guerrilla groups which mean both use asymmetrical warfare strategies. All effective asymmetrical warfare attacks first require the same thing, good reconnaissance and good intelligence.

When you are out manned and underfunded then social engineering is the way to get it done and to make sure the enemy is carrying the costs and doing most of the labor for you.

I wish more security organizations, Infosec groups, corporations and even governments spent more time and money offering more conferences, articles, discussions and even outright training (even if only in the form of regular published tips in Social Engineering) because is seems clear to me that even the most minimal of training can go along way in cutting off an attack plan when it is at its most vulnerable and identifying the culprits when they are at their most visible.

About Joey Ortega

Joey Ortega started his investigative career early at the age of 18 working as an apprentice investigator for local detectives. He started out doing insurance fraud investigations and background investigations. Proving adept in the areas surveillance and information gathering, Joey continued to seek further investigative challenges. From there he went on to do internal investigations for a number of companies that include; Sears, Roebuck Co., Saks Fifth Avenue, and K-mart. He was largely responsible for investigating issues of internal theft, embezzlement, workers comp fraud, and crime ring investigations. His success eventually earned him a position as a national investigator for a cellular chain, investigating crime rings on a national level. Trained in the Reid technique (interviewing/interrogation), Joey was able to gain confessions consistently without a single prosecution ever being challenged in court. Throughout his career as an internal investigator Joey continued to work for various private investigative agencies. Moving away from insurance fraud, Joey began developing his skills in the areas of criminal defense investigation, fidelity investigation, missing person’s investigations, and stalker investigations. It was the area of stalker investigations that Joey began to discover his passion for computer crime investigations. Having to learn quickly how to trace harassing and threatening emails, Joey began see that this is where the future of crime and justice was heading and decided to throw himself deeply into the subject. As a result, Joey’s clientele began to include those who were victims of internet fraud and cyber attacks. Joey is also the co-founder of The Ullemeyer Group, Inc. an investigative and training firm based in Santa Barbara, California that specializes in forensic training and consulting.
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