Arie K’s Journal

1/11/12  Nikki LaDue January- Investigative Reflections

The case of Nikki LaDue January saddens me.  She was a young, beautiful mother, daughter and wife.  She obviously touched many lives.  I’m willing to bet that her smile alone, brightened any room.  Due to all the case research I’ve done, I feel I have a connection with Nikki.  I feel like I need to put a puzzle together, but I seem to be missing pieces, pieces that are essential in a case, in all cases.  In other words, there are questions that I am hoping to get answers to in the near future.

The questions that run through my mind are much more than a few.  And the questions I want to ask can’t be answered by only one person, but several.  For example, when someone is found dead, I would feel inclined to question or interview the person, especially, let’s say best friend of the victim,who also found the victim AND called 911.  I would also find it to be crucial. I would also have questions for the first officer to arrive at a scene.  He/she may have input that can offered by no other, just like the lead detective of a case.

As I understand police investigation and procedure, there is no room for error.  Although this is only my personal opinion, I find some facts to be unclear or not present at all.  I don’t know if I’m missing a specific report or if there is no such report.  On that same note, credability of all involved in a particular case is subject to scrutiny, or at least should be.  I believe photographs, when taken in a series, should tell a story.  Otherwise, you have holes, or missing pieces that you have to put together.  While that can be amusing when actually piecing together a puzzle, it’s not so much the case when looking at crime scene photos.

There can be many sides to a story within a case, and ALL those sides are necessary in order to complete the process of elimination.  Whether it be witnesses, law enforcement, families or friends of the victim, all of these should be heard, along with theories of what happened.  With theories, as tempted as I am to further look into, I know that it is even more important for me to look at Nikki’s case from an unbias perspective.  Only the facts must be looked at and verified. I know what I need to do and I am and will remain dedicated to Nikki LaDue’s case.  The dead tell tales and once learned, we can be the voice to tell what happened.  I just hope to eventually have my mind boggling questions answered by certain individuals involved, whether they decide to STEP UP or choose to SHUT UP.

1/22/12  -JD Killer case

8 women. Among those-mothers, wives, daughters.  Murdered, and then thrown out like they were trash.  Yet nobody has been held responsible, held accountable for these vicious crimes against the lives of 8 young women.  I understand that the last murder was in the year 2005, which is close to 7 yearsago, but THERE IS NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON MURDER.  With that being said, don’t
these victims- Loretta, Ernestine, Kristen, Whitnei, Laconia, Crystal, Brittney, Necole, deserve justice?

I’m not concerned with how these girls lived their lives, nor am I interested in the choices they made.  I don’t believe it matters because ultimately, we are talking about a life, lives.  8 lives and no human being is expendable.  I would imagine that when tragedy like this strikes a community, especially a small one, that the people as a whole, as one, would come together in order to stay strong.  I also know that in a fairly small town, everyone knows everyone’s business.  So the idea that this killer or killers are free, makes me want to vomit.

I just think that there must be, at least one person with information that could help the case, would come forward, regardless of the consequence.  I guess that is the difference between the second level of morality and the third.  When I think of the third level of
morality, the highest morality a person can have, but most people don’t, I am reminded of a hero.  My hero, or a hero TO ME, is someone I don’t even know, but know of. I remember many years ago hearing about a man in New York.  This man was walking the busy streets and all of a sudden fell to the ground because he was having a heart attack.  Within that moment, another man walking stopped to help the dying man.  It turned out, he was a doctor.  So in broad daylight, the doctor pulls a scalpel out of his pocket and cut this mans chest open and begins to massage his heart.  By this time, the ambulance arrives and the man is rushed to the hospital. Without the doctor massaging his heart, the man would have died before the ambulance got there.  Needless to say, he survived. The doctor is my hero, but not only because he saved this man, but because he could have lost everything in doing so.  He cut a man
open, in broad daylight on a busy street.  This man could have died and the doctor would have lost his medical license, at the least. Yet, he did not even have to think about his choice, he just did it.

What I am trying to say is, we have to do the right thing and sometimes, that means just doing it without thinking about the consequence, simply because it is the right thing to do.  So if someone is keeping their mouth shut in fear of retaliation… I can’t see how that would be worse than knowing what they may know- what prevents these 8 girls from resting in piece.   Aside from this being unjust, I often ponder if it were my mom or sister, or niece or someone I loved.

In end, these girls did not die in vain. Someone will be held responsible, and won’t see the light of day ever again


Arie K.
Journal Entry
Creepy. Hinky. A couple of my favorite adjectives…that I use on a daily basis, too
loosely in fact. Creepy is the guy at the grocery store that is “helping me out” with my groceries when he doesn’t even work there. Or maybe it’s the guy that makes “ch-ch” noises at you when you’re out for a jog. Or it’s just your neighbor driving along side you with his rickety van. Or, it’s a serial killer. Either way, I think we use words like this to describe someone that is creepy to us, when in fact, we don’t really know what a creepy killer looks like. Example- you hear someone use the phrase, “he looks like a child molester” or “he looks like a serial killer”. How does one manage to fall into the physical
category: hinky? We have this idea or mental picture in our heads, a type, and we rely on that to recognize a ‘bad guy’. But the thing about that, is that we couldn’t be more wrong. A killer won’t have a stamp on his forehead, and he could be anywhere. There are sick, creepy, hinky people everywhere, among us. Murderers-among us. We can’t point them out because they blend in. On that note, it’s a bit unsettling. How can a killer be among us, yet get along with others the same way we do? Where along the line does a murderers path cross with ours? What created a monster? Why do they kill?? It’s a question (and book) that we all want to understand and one that many have taken a stab at answering.
No pun intended.

We see things everyday, things that are horrific, crimes against people. It’s all I can
help but think, “it takes a real messed up force for something like that to happen”. The pain that one can be capable of inflicting on another, is disturbing, unreal and makes me want to wretch. How is it, that one person can kill another and enjoy it, at that, while another person literally can’t hurt a fly?

A crime can be so brutal with obvious signs of barbaric abuse against the victim, it’s
inexplicable. Nobody deserves to die by the savage hands of another. But they do, die a horrible death, and it’s so awful that it seems like they were just brought into this world to suffer. We spend so much time studying a killer and his motives, trying to learn in order to prevent, that it may appear as though the victims have been forgotten, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. There are people everywhere and always working on cases to provide closure for the families and loved ones and justice for the victims who can’t speak, but do tell tales. It is through those victims, that we learn, and are able to identify the killers.

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty” -Gandhi

3 Responses to Arie K’s Journal

  1. Amanda Stclair says:

    Hi Arie…very good insight in the case. I am familiar with this story, because at one time I was asked to do transcription of the Interrogation tapes of her husband for Peter Hyatt. I declined to do the transcription due to time constraints, however I listened to everything he told the investigators and Phil’s story was quite strange if I may recall. He did not sound upset in the interviews he tried everything to make it out to be Nikki’s fault. Just from listening to him talk, he gave me bad vibes.

  2. rcwardjr says:

    Hi Arie ,
    Very well said . I see you live thru your work , and your passion for justice shows . I always knew you’d be great at this profession . Keep up the great work .

    Always ,
    Ramon C. Ward Jr.
    Free Flight Photography

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