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Featured Books for January 2012

Psychopath by Katherine Ramsland- Review written by Joey Ortega

In a way that only Ramsland can do, she tells the tale the two journeys and masterfully weaves them together through the well known tale of serial killer H.H. Holmes .  Using his arrest, incarceration and trial as the pathway between the two journeys, Ramsland smoothly moves from one to the other keeping the reader gripped.

Through Detective Geyer’s re-tracing of Holmes’ footsteps as he urgently seeks the locations of his latest victims, we see how a developing law enforcement and legal system becomes vividly aware of the level of gruesome depravity the criminal mind is truly capable and are compelled to ask; “How could a person do such a thing” and today asking; “Can they be detected early and stopped?”.  While on the other side of Holmes’ tale, beginning with the recollections of court observer and phrenologist Capen, we see the beginnings of what would be the scientific community being compelled to ask; “Why would a person do such a thing?” and today asking, “Can they be detected early and healed?”.

Ramsland takes us along these journeys and concisely chronicles the pursuit to find scientific answers, leading us through early criminological theory all the way to present day neurological studies and breakthroughs.

As we see these two journeys develop, with each new discovery we see the uncovering and breakdown of Holmes’ lies, tricks, deceit and we witness his internal world of narccisitic delusion slowly disintegrate.  It is as if this vividly illustrated dynamic represents the hope and belief that the more the world learns and gains a better grip of the psychopathic mind, the more the psychopathic mind loses their grip on the world.

Yet even though Holmes sees his ultimate defeat and demise more clearly each moment closer to gallows he comes, he still has one more trick up his sleeve to make sure not that only he remains remembered but also to see to it that those who sought to strip bare the mind and nature of him and his ilk , are in some way, left hanging themselves, long after he is not.

We are left to face the harsh reality that the psychological cat and mouse chase that he joyfully played with his pursuers on the outside, from his own jail cell, is indeed still afoot….and despite today’s many breakthroughs and innovations, in the deep recesses of our minds we are still left to ask; Who’s winning?

Psychopath can be purchased from Amazon. Hit the direct link here

The Vampire Trap by Katherine Ramsland- Review written by Arie K.

The Vampire Trap takes a deep look into the vampire subculture in the 1990’s and its impact on
society since then. In this book, author Katherine Ramsland describes the manner in which the vampire subculture has influenced fashion, books, culture, and violence for some. The book takes a twisted turn when the foundation of this true crime is revealed.

Lisa Manderach and her 19 month-old daughter vanish after being last seen at a childrens clothing store called, Your Kidz & Mine.  A deeply disturbed Caleb Fairley, obsessed with vampires takes a dark, violent turn for the worst.  Ramsland goes on to share details surrounding the horrific crimes that one can commit when a monster is created through fantasy roles that are distorted.  Many clubs across the country cater to the vampire subculture by hosting vampire line-action role-playing games, LARP’s obsession with vampires plays an instrumental role in fantasy.

Vampire subculture entails role-playing for some and is not meant to be physically or seriously
played out, nor is violence promoted.  However, Ramsland shows the correlation between violence and role-playing on how a mentally unstable person can be influenced to translate their violent fantasies into real life horrors.  Vampires have been “in fashion to certain types of people since the 1960’s”.  people find vampires to be sexy. blood, biting, sucking and dominating tends to go along with the subculture.  Everything in society has played a role in the evolution of vampire subculture.

Influential subject matter causing this sensation among society has been observed in many ways throughout recent history.  Whether it be best selling vampire novels by Stephen King and Anne Rice in the 1970’s, or “vampire-related murders that come to light”, this mysterious subculture, does indeed trigger different behavior from certain people.  In conclusion, this book illustrates the invisible dotted line connecting fantasy and real violence, while reminding us that in this case, that line was and can be dotted.

Prior to reading Dr. Ramsland’s book, I was well aware that it was a short true crime e-book, but by the time I finished it, I couldn’t help but think,”i want more”.  In all honesty, her ability to accurately write this story with pertinent facts which kept me not only intrigued, but informed as well.  Her book is exceptional, and the manner in which she presents her work is so wonderfully rare, it’s incomparable.

Dr. Katherine Ramsland tells this story appropriately, elaborately, and thoroughly, while still painting a picture for the reader.  For that reason, this book isn’t just for anybody.  I would recommend it to everybody.  While many authors can only see in black or white, Ramsland manages to explore both fantasy and reality, creating a connection between the two.  Her writing is notable, admirable and fantastic, which is evident in The Vampire Trap.

The Vampire Trap can be purchased from Amazon.  Hit the direct link here


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  1. Katherine says:

    I’m pleased and honored to have my books featured here. Thank you.

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