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Suspicious Deaths of Prominent American/Jordanian Sisters Soraya and Jumana Salti: The Husband Theory

     This article continues a series of articles on LinkedIn Pulse that touches on the various prevailing theories surrounding the cause of the deaths of Soraya and Jumana Salti.  This one touches on one of the more popular theories in most … Continue reading

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Thank You Tom Mahoney

Photo from article in The Channels newspaper.      In the Justice fields from Investigation, Forensics and Government, I have been blessed to know, have known and learned from some of the most famous, most respected and renowned experts in … Continue reading

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Two Wars, One Solution?

As a result of my radio show and investigative work both online and offline I have had many people either write or approach me is some way asking my opinion about either the “War of Terror” or this “Info War” … Continue reading

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To Whom Does Justice Belong, The People We Appoint Or The People Who Appointed Them?

Our nation was founded on the belief…no the conviction that justice cannot be had when it remains in the hands of the select few. However we do appoint representatives and agencies to seek that justice on BEHALF OF THE PEOPLE … Continue reading

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Sir, I have a warrant…for your mind

I recently started a very interesting online discussion with an acquaintance after he had share the following article, (Link to original posting with article attachment). It related to a MA high court ruling that said a suspect must turn over … Continue reading

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Vol 8, No 1 (2014): Perspectives on Terrorism

Originally posted on The Osint Journal Review:
Table of Contents Introduction to the Issue Welcome from the Editors PDF HTML Alex P. Schmid ? Articles Perspectives on Counterterrorism: From Stovepipes to a Comprehensive Approach PDF HTML Ronald Crelinsten ? Analysing…

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Backgound Story On Stephen Rakes

By Joey Ortega and Sharon Branco During our last broadcast on the Whitey Bulger case, we discussed the mysterious death of Shephen Rakes. Rakes was at one point set to testify for the prosecution to give an accounting of a … Continue reading

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By Sharon Branco   Stephen Flemmi was Whitey Bulger’s criminal partner in the Winter Hill Gang.  Stephen and Whitey were also FBI informants.   Were Bulger and Flemmi told they would not be prosecuted for certain crimes?  Bulger’s early pre-trial defense claim … Continue reading

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Update on Bulger Trial – Prosecution Rests

By Sharon Branco After 30 days of testimony and 62 witnesses, Assistant United States Attorney, Brian Kelly finally said, “at this time, the United States rests its case against Mr. Bulger.”    Bulger’s defense attorneys will present his defense beginning on … Continue reading

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Irish Gang Wars: Quick Backgroud

I order to add some context to the Whitey Bulger case we are following we felt a short history lesson in its roots and that of organized crime in New England would be helpful. The Irish Gang Wars By Sharon … Continue reading

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