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  1. David Gibb says:

    Hello Joey,

    I tried to respond to your interview request at but it was bounced back to me.

    I would certainly enjoy the opportunity to speak on your show if the offer is still on the table. I’ll be away from my regular abode, on a writer’s retreat in Cape Cod, for the next few weeks – but I can take/make calls from that location too.

    Let me know what date(s) you have in mind and we’ll take it from there.



    David A. Gibb

    Read my latest spine-chilling true crime book, Camouflaged Killer: The Shocking Double Life of Canadian Air Force Colonel Russell Williams, published by Berkley Books and Penguin Canada (October 2011)
    and Evil in Plain Sight, published in the U.K. by Y Books, a division of Ipsilon Press. Please visit for more information, and for regular updates.

    Member – Professional Writers Association of Canada
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  2. carolann says:

    You have a lot of new fans in our area, we’re ever so grateful that you and others contnue to investigate the many things so wrong w/ this community. Thanks for taking us on as you could well call it a media blackout here re; what we face trying to get info. You’ve been just remarkable and there are many here grateful for your help and detailed attention given to the rape case and subsequent related investigations.Though you may be getting tired of this whole thing, please don;t abandon us just yet. We still need you, prinnie, and everyone who has tried to shed light on the hideous underbelly of Jeff. Co. Again, thanks for your excellent coverage and attention to our “dark side.”

    • Thank You Carolann,

      Hearing such support encourages us and reminds us why we do what we do. Trust me, what we at BTYT tire of most is the criminal and the corrupt getting away with with their crimes…. specifically the corrupt. We are not going anywhere.

      Just keep supporting us in anyway able, whether it be spreading the word, writing us, donations, calling in and especially….information to help us continue to put this thing together and in turn equip the community with what they need to take a stand whether through vote, petitions, new law lobbying, etc.

      Just know that no matter what, we stand with you Steubenville 🙂

  3. Steubenville News 9 Per Internet Free Speech & Rape Lawsuit.

  4. Sara Soles says:

    Her character as a lawyer shouldn’t suprise anyone when you look into HOW she came to be a lawyer… that would be an interesting read.

  5. Ralphythescralphy says:

    Jane M. Hanlin
    Sinclair Building
    10th Floor
    P.O. Box 1506
    Steubenville, OH 43952
    Jefferson County
    (740) 282-5323

  6. KV says:

    I too am a licensed PI in California and am following the Steubenville case. What a mess! But I would like to address some of your questions, including, are you aware of allegations that Hanlin’s son, Cody Saltsman was the scorned male who tweeted “Nobody breaks up with Cody Saltsman” and “I’ll get that bitch”. One month later, the gang rape, after the victim was lured and drugged, and after the rape Cody tweeted “Now she has whore status”. One footballer tweeted he did a “favor” for Cody and now he’s gonna get into trouble, and he has gotten into trouble. When they circle the wagons, and word comes from “the street” about some of it, but the word fills the gaps and makes sense, the story line, time line, and other details all serve to add to understanding if not hard evidence. You know, from every complex case, that you get so much information that is not admissible evidence, but you know is real and feeds the story to fuller understanding and plausibility. How is a premeditated, rape crime of drugs and luring and sophistication, not an adult crime? No, Hanlin did NOT file charges to the max, as there is EVIDENCE of a strange meeting between Hanlin and (forgot) wherein, afterwords, the kidnapping was dropped and the case stayed in juv, but would have otherwise gone to adult court or certainly entertained the notion. So much to say, really, there’s bits of evidence all over the map here.

  7. Charlie Keenan is Jane Hanlin’s son. Here is an article pertaining to his scholarship pending at Kent State University.

    • Upsetting article. Left a comment there, it’s also below.

      I have been investigating and reporting in this story and the many claims of corruption since August. No one has been been a harsher critic of the city’s leadership, especially Jane Hanlin. All that being said , thought I found there to be valid cause for concerns about how some things are run there and how this case was handled, there was nothing to indicate that corruption was the absolute cause for the many frustrations or setbacks n this case.

      Furthermore there was and still is NOTHING to implicate her son. This is nothing more than the result of the lynch mob, witch hunt narrative brought on by Anonymous or those posing as such. The public and uninformed ramblings of Rosanne Barr on television where she practically accuses him on national television. Her endorsement of these terrorist vigilante hacker wannabes only helped to increase their boldness and now yet another person may be tried and convicted in the media for a crime to which there is no evidence against him, except that of rumors and hate blogs.

  8. elaineT says:

    This writer is very confused. We folowed you from the begining of your radio shows which exposed much of what goes on behind the scene here. Now it appears you are backstepping. Is it we who are just not getting it or is it you and your current associates who don’t get it. Keep in mind none of you are from here so you and your “friends” cannot necessarily take what you hear from select locals as the “Truth.” Keep in mind, this is Steubenville and the “Steubenvile Way” not unlike the “Chicago Way.” This whole thing is becoming a cluster you know what.

  9. theresaM says:

    We are quite confused. Having followed your early radio programs where you delved deeply into the, shall we say, incestuous ties among the “elite ruling class” of this area,it now appears you are backstepping in regard to the Steubenville “problem.” Can you explain more cearly where you are coming from no? We understand you are not pleased w/ kyanon involvement and now appear displeased with prinnie’s involvement. Things clearly got stirred up around here and at this point it’s pretty much a cluster you know what. Do you have any ideas how we can get get the two factions to merge? We all want a safe community but most of us want city/county/school leadership we can trust. Your thoughts on all of the above is appreciated.

  10. carolann says:

    I’m back on board, as able, thank you for all that you do. Listened to most of 3/1/13 show, some of it esp. re: sex trafficking/slavery I am quite famiiar with and find it horrifying beyond belief. I am not sure what I can do to help stop this madness. I have no clue how to stop any of any of the madness in the world these days. If I had only moderate success in my own pitiful community, what I can do in the world at large is quite beyond me. I shall continue to try, as so guided by God, but I am limited. If you have any suggestions that do not require extensive technical capabilities, I’m game. Too old and tired to become a hi tech guru. So, if you have any ideas for folks such as myself, let me(us) know in whatever way you see fit.
    Take care, thanks for fighting the good fight

    • Thx, your continued support is valued and greatly appreciated. We will be updating the blog with more info on our coverage and plans for this story. With the upcoming trial I have no doubt there is more to come and discuss.

  11. anniecarroll says:

    You are a rainbow in what often appears the darkest of days. Thank you again for being who you are. “Teach us how short our lives really are so that we may be wise.” Psalm 90:12
    Continue the good fight and may God be with you always.. tpz

  12. carol annie says:

    Nagging questions, nagging doubts, nagging fears.
    Dozens of bloggers, now msm everywhere, tweeters that tweet, seemingly endlessly, knowing next to nada.
    Will anyone or all ever be ever to put all the pieces of the puzzle together? The WHOLE puzzle that has been dispersed in drips a drabs via various mediums over last several monthes?
    We are waiting breathlessly for TRANSPARANCY (real transparency, not the faux stuff of which politicians speak ) re: the real story of Steubenville.
    Help us, please?
    Thank you, your friends here

  13. carolann/anniecarrol/topazsickofmessaging says:

    I left another “contact” message, where it went cannot figure out. maybe screwup w wordpress again or screwed up yet another of what now? 100 diff paswords to remember. Truely hate this world of social messaging, a million passwords to find anything anywhere, even to get cash out of my little credit union that I’ve used since the 70’s. This world is a nightmare. I hate technology. It was supposed to open doors make life easier. Talk to aanyone, from MDs to the lowest of the suppport staff in any med facility. Oh yeah, electronic everything has become the biggest cluster mess ever, esp in med. world. doubt seriously if this gets through. just venting ’cause I’m frustrated just trying to communicate. Do not post this, just looking for last post that “disappeared.”

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