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9/2/11 An Appeal to the Silent Witnesses and the Good People of Jennings

The following is my appeal that I made on Episode 11 (8/26/11). I felt it needed to be posted to make sure these words get out :

Since working on this investigative report I have encountered two major obstacles; those who claim to have knowledge that can solve these crimes but hold it like a carrot to be earned by doing things on their terms, working with the people they approve of, and essentially serving their own interests.  The second obstacle that I have encountered is the ones who many point out are keeping the good people in Jennings down and divided so that they refuse to step forward and expose and depose them.  I would like to address these two obstacles tonight before we end. First to those holding back information and then to the good people of Jennings.

To you silent witnesses I have this to say:

You complain that law enforcement knows things and does and says nothing and that may very well be a problem there. Yet some of you not in law enforcement make it a regular practice claim to know things but choose to not speak up. Regardless of the reason why, this undeniable fact remains; anyone who has knowledge but hides it is and always will be part of the problem. Every day in silence gives power and permission to the ones responsible for these types crimes and betrays the very ones you claim to mourn for or sympathize with.

However, if you do choose to hide then hide, but don’t dangle your claimed knowledge before those actually doing something nor should you attack, mock, slander or work against those who have refused to stay silent, for doing so reveals the attackers lack of virtue and resolve to justice than the one they are attacking.

To the good people of Jennings, Louisiana I have this to say:

Rise up Jennings!!! I’ll say it again, Rise up!!!  Not with your fists but with your voices. Not individually, but united. What do you have to fear, harassment, loss of dignity, loss of peace, loss of life? Look around you. Is that not already happening every day?  The only thing that will change is that you will no longer lie down and consent. You will no longer give them permission to take what is yours, the community.

The true problem in your community and holding you back is not the people there who are living the quote un-quote high-risk lifestyle.

The true problem in your community and holding you back is not in the mystique of a serial killer who can’t be caught.

Those are the symptoms.

The problem is and always has been elsewhere.

Crooked cops and brazen drug dealers have seized control of Jennings. That is no secret; it has been noticed and stated by many others many times before.  However the one secret they pray you never learn is that their strength and power lies neither in their money nor their arms, but with your fear and silence.  With a commitment to community resolve and solidarity you can disarm them. With a united voice declaring NO MORE!!!, you can expose the criminal; with a united voice declaring NO MORE!!!, you can call to account the peacekeeper that chooses to trade their badge for a profit.

Those who oppose you may attack you, exploit you, they may even kill you. But again I say look around you.  Are they not already doing that to you?

Rise up Jennings!!! If not for yourself, then look to the children left behind by these most recent victims. Look to your children and decide right now; when you are gone, do you want to leave the soul and destiny of your community in their hands or do you want to leave the soul and destiny of your children in the hands of the ones currently controlling your community?

The decision and the power are yours.  It always has been.  The secret is out now.  What will you do with it when you wake up tomorrow?

Until then good people of Jennings, I bid you good night and God Bless.  Thank You.


7/3/11  Where do we go from here?  (JD Killer Case)

This case continues to bring more questions than answers.   Each answer that I find seems to lead to more confusion and more challenges. Here are some of what I am looking into and my current challenges:

“Witnesses”-  There are a lot of people who claim to know something, but very few who will actually say what they know. When I offer to hear them out, and to protect their identity, they suddenly stop being so talkative.  I have at times even offered receive their info in any way that allowed them to keep even me from knowing who they are…but still zip. Well that is not completely true. I have had some who represented themselves as part of groups who are in possession on evidence  or knowledge but were “watching” me to see if I was worthy of being trusted. Really!!!? Grow Up!!!   How does this help anyone except you?  Claiming to have information and not turning it over to law enforcement or anyone at all either makes you a an attention seeking liar, at best or a facilitator of the killer(s) escape from justice, at worst. So do me and everyone else actually wanting to help a favor, if you know something say something. But if you are content with ONLY claiming to know something and make yourself famous on forum boards and blogs, unplug your computer and get some much needed therapy.  By the way, I’ll help you out here- Before you decide to respond to this part and tell me how offended you are, recognize you will be saying more about yourself than me.

Family-  I have some family members who say they want help but then refuse to speak up and more than that they will sometimes disparage those family members that do.  Some complain that the girls are being objectified and not being seen as real women but only as nebulous “high-risk” caricatures, by media.  Yet when I reach out and open the doors for those close to the women set things straight…silence, at least on air.  More than that I’ll get some emails telling me I am not doing enough to change the skewed views of these eight women.  I’m not sure how to help. I refuse to fill in the blanks of the personal stories of these women myself or to presume to know them well enough to tell their personal story.  I did have one family member come forward, Mike DuBois (brother of Whitnei DuBois).  However, many family members complained that I spoke on air with the wrong person…no, I spoke on air with the ONLY person.  If you want to refute this man or correct something he said, the door remains open.  I want to do right by these women, but I cannot do it without help.

Law Enforcement-  That can take up more entries to last a year. For now I will only highlight the major challenges.  Why have they continued to not accept the use of serial killer as a term to describe their UNSUB? Why instead make up a new term “serial dumper”.  So what are you saying, you are looking for someone who is happening upon dead bodies and then dumping them in canals and roadsides?  When you say serial dumper, you are linking the cases. But by saying this is not the same as a serial killer is like saying you aren’t after the murderer but rather this evil and vicious litterer that his not properly disposing bodies they are finding after the murderer has left.

This task force, is also a bit of a mystery. Exactly how many were there to start, and how many of them remain? When was the last press conference offered? Why when called on numerous occasions everyone says that Sheriff Ricky Edwards is the person to talk to, yet in the month and a half of leaving messages he does not call back? Even when I’m given his hours (8-4), he is never around. By the way, why is a sheriff working banker hours anyway? Just have to ask that?  Does he think that I will go away? Please, check me out, one will quickly find I do not just go away.  More than that though, I made it clear that although I have very direct questions I have no intention of attacking anyone on air but rather give an opportunity to answer these questions as directly as I ask them.  They are all valid questions and questions people have a right to get answers to. Yes there is a duty to keep the integrity of an investigation but that does not and should not be a shield from accountability to the community.

Why did they hire a profiler then ditch him?  Did they really turn down the help of John Walsh’s America’s Most Wanted?  If the Sheriff didn’t trust Warren Gary to be in the investigation because of his negligent and unethical actions that caused potential evidence to be forever lost, why in the world would he be transferred to the EVIDENCE ROOM?   The task force never actually said that they had DNA evidence, and it will not kill the investigation to do so. So why take DNA samples to assuage concerns about police involvement? It is a great gesture assuming you even have something to compare it to.  If not, then it is an empty gesture.  Do you not get that?   If there was a sample to compare to, where are the results? This was years ago.  The sheriff can’t say he is not at liberty to disclose the results since the whole point was to reassure the public. You can’t have it both ways.  These are all valid questions that must be answered.  It is their duty to answer those questions and it is the community’s duty to ask them and demand he answer.

I’ll stop here for now, but know I will stay on this case, but only wanted to the reader see what I am up against and the many ways this case can go. But I will not be detoured, nor will I be intimidated. I am not just doing some on hour special and then moving on, nor an intriguing documentary then packing up.  I am investigative reporter and as such I place a greater value in results and finishing what I start than on ratings.  I am committed to getting the answers.

8 Responses to Joey’s Journal

  1. Joey, this is so mind boggling! I do not know why there is not a public uproar about this. as you said. It is very scary to think that in this high tec age nothing is being done about it. Nobody is talking & there does not seem to be interest or movement by the police. Is this going to be brushed under the rug? I wish you the best in trying to get justice for these woman. Great shows by the way.

  2. thank u for stepping up to the plate to help solve this problem….

  3. Dan. Kincaid says:

    I think there is only one of two reasons either they are naïve and don’t want to accept the truth or they know that these women were targeted for a specific reason I believe they were is very rare to find a serial killer rapist or sex offender who doesn’t leave any evidence of sexual assault physical nor psychological and very few sexually motivated killers clean their victims with chemicals even Dennis Rader or BTK left DNA at the crime scene and he is an example of a more organized serial killer

    even if these women were targeted for a specific reason a spree like this to be a one time deal there will be more bodies people need to open their eyes get their head out of the clouds or it’s going to be worse next time

  4. Lee-Ann Waldron says:

    Wow! I am flabbergasted at the lack of cooperation and lack of communication that is so grossly obvious in this case. You are very tenacious, and I can relate to this… it is so hard to move on from something like this without digging much deeper for answers. At least you are offering yourself as something of a “conduit” through which others may relay information… If anyone can give an “anonymous” tip, then why are they so scared to come forward with valuable info? Weird, to say the least! I wish you all the best, Joey! Don’t give up… maybe some people are just too nervous about getting involved … literally too shy??

    • Thx Lee-Ann, I am tenacious , lol. I have no intention of dropping this. Thanks for your encouragements, they mean a lot :). I hope to get more to step forward. Some have already and look forward to an increase in openness and trust 🙂

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